Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weird Library Trip (Grandma Seeing Me Drive)

So my grandma took me to the library today (because she's the only one who will anymore :P ).We get to the library and there's this weird looking guy in his car a few spots over. As I'm walking towards the entrance he yells out that the library is closed today. I don't believe him so i just say "ok" and continue to the door. The door was locked and then i noticed the sign that says the hours that it's open. It says that it doesn't open until one. We had come an hour early :P. As i'm walking back to the car the guy sticks his head back out and says "you didn't believe me?" I was about to reply when another car comes up between his car and my grandma's and a girl gets out. I then warn her that it doesn't open until one on sundays. Then the guy gives me a weird look and says that it's friday. The girl and i then get together and try to convice him that it's sunday. Then he's like "ok, so it's either friday or saturday, which is it?" X_X. I say it's sunday and get into my grandma's car. 

We had a while to wait so my grandma took us to the fastmart a little down the road and we both got something to drink while we waited. We went back and parked in a shady spot, turned the car off, rolled the windows down and waited.

Once it opened i went inside, got my books and then went to the self check out (i always go to the self check out because the person at the desk always gives a look because i always owe them money :P ). I got down to the 2nd to last book before the computer went stupid, spat out a reciept and went back to the main screen. I put my card back in and just checked out that last book, hoping that it worked. The as i walked out of the building, when the alarms didn't go off i felt relieved :P

We get back home and my grandma hangs out for a while. I then remind my mom that she promised to take me driving today. She then turns to Grandma and asks her if she wanted to come along. I could see it in my grandma's eyes that she would rather be anywhere else than in the back of a car that in was driving. I started to say what she was thinking "oh gosh look at the time, i have to go. It's been lovely seeing you again but...........Bye." And then she would run as fast as she could to her car :P. But she did come with us and i didn't do so bad, other than i drove closer to my mom's side and then parks closer on my side. And i kept sitting on the keys when i was trying to start the car :P

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