Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IT'S HERE!!!!!!

my book showed up today and again i'm the last one to know when stuff shows up. Last year when i bought my class ring my brother threw it at my head because it had come the day before and i hadn't noticed. And it's actually on time this year.
My mom came up the stairs and i could tell there was something behind her back, so my first guess was the book. Then i was taking to long to get it open and my mom ripped it apart. I was sitting commenting on how she was more excited about it then i was, and she hasn't even read it. My brother then tried to get his hands on it but i wouldn't let him. Then mom told him to stop and he got upset and my mom claimed how everyone knew i had been waiting for this book for weeks.
Now it's goodbye Pride and Prejudice (i'm determined to actually read the book and not just watch the different movie versions) and hello Skulduggery Pleasant. I'm gonna start trying to get my english teacher to read it because i'm finding out he's obsessed with zombies and it reminds me of Scapegrace and Thrasher.

and i'm gonna try getting back into doing art stuff. I checked out all of these drawing manga books and i think they'll help me with my drawings on crack. That and i want to get a wacom tablet :)


  1. Still, the Pride and Prejudice movie is AMAZING! I’m in love with the soundtrack.

    Your brother sounds annoying .___.

  2. I agree he does, way to go holding your own though :p

  3. he is -_-
    and the movie is amazing, but they take out a lot of stuff
    that's why i kind of prefer the BBC mini-series wth colin firth more than the movie with kierra knightly