Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catching Up (I've been too lazy to post lately)

so it's been an entire MONTH since i last posted on here (i'm lazy), so i thought i should actually say something about what has happened since then.
So when you last read this i had just gotten my new book. Well i've finished it already and i'm looking into other books to read.
I went to Halloween Haunt nearly every weekend in October (which actually got a little old after a while). Got my brother lost there one night and all our phones went stupid so we looked for him for 3 hours and then just went home. Only upside of that was that we got chinese food on the way home.
I went to Homecoming (again) and had a pretty nice time (i got sucked into the giant fuck crowd of people humping on each other (gross :P )). At first everyone was just standing around in the gym talking and it made me angry because i had come to dance and it took 1/2 an hour for that to start.
I went to run for district president in SkillsUSA (a competition/program/thing at the tech center) and came back reporter (i'm still trying to figure out how (something to do with coming in 2nd for president and nobody was running for reporter))
I tried out for the musical at our school (we're doing Hairspray (YAY :D ) but got put in the ensemble (just one step up from being used as a prop and just under being tech (i say this because our job is basically to make the stage look less empty))
I'm in Forensics again this year and we go to one of the competitions next month (it would have been this weekend but i don't know my prose well enough to compete with it just yet). I'm definitely NOT doing storytelling since i don't want to go through last year's mishap (if you don't know about that it's one of my past posts from way back). Instead i'm doing poetry and prose (i had to do 2 apparently to compete)

Apparently my aunt's coming over tonight (which means we have to stay up to welcome her (i love her, but i'm too tired to care :P )) so i'm bored for the moment.
And to make up for being gone for so long here are some pictures of my many adventures:

It took 3 hours to get that amazing hair. My mom went and curled all my hair out and the result was OD Shirley Temple. 5 seconds later with my hairbrush and i got that beautiful look. Notice the skeleton necklace that everyone loves. The other girl in the other picture is one of my friends that i found at the dance we formed a little group of people and danced the night away together :)
 Mom freaked out when she saw this guy and jumped into a bush to get away from him. He was like 7 feet tall with long arms to reach out to get you. As you can see Mom was not a happy camper (that picture actually came later when to monsters ran up to her and one accidently touched her, cause her to scream in terror :P )

 Ferris wheels are fun. Especially in the dark

 want some blood?
She kept asking me if i wanted a taste

This guy kept getting so close to my camera that i was only ever getting pictures of his mouth until finally i told him to back off because he was screwing up my picture
 When i was walking past this guy he decided to tell me that he goes to my school.'d think i'd notice someone like him :P

Meet Chuckie the Clown. After i took his picture he made me promise to add him on Facebook and tag him. Clowns are funny
 The things you notice when you look up. First ting i thought was "Skulduggery? What are you doing????"
I'm silly when it comes to things like that

 Thriller Flash Mob :D

They had all these people dressed up in Masquerade stuff like this. They didn't have any blood or anything, they would just run up to you and freeze in positions like this. This was my favorite section because i their costumes were so beautiful

And just for fun:
a picture of my cat

On a random day i started taking pictures of my cat and this was the outcome
she's screaming "let me out!!"
so cute :3