Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time :)

My family does things a little differntly when it comes to Christmas. We like to open our presents on Christmas Eve (mainly because over the years we discovered our parents take a long time to get up in the morning). I don't know why or how we started this, but i do know that there was a system we had to follow when we would open presents Christmas morning. It goes as follows:
get all the kids up
try to get the parents up only to be told to go eat breakfast
eat breakfast
finally get the parents up
parents go smoke
parents go to the bathroom
parents smoke again
find mom's camera
smoke again (X_X)
be put into our sitting arrangements for present opening
and then we would go through the very long trial of having one present opened at a time, gettting a picture of the person's reaction to their gift, then finding a gift for another person to open and getting a picture...........X_X (very long and very boring for the morning)

so now we open presents after dinner on Christmas Eve and that goes as follows
eat quickly
parents smoke ( we only allow them one cigarrette each :P )
sit wherever
open presents as they are thrown at you from across the room :P

I got some really awesome stuff this year. The beast of all was the Sims 3 game and an iPhone 4. I've always loved Sims and i would play it whenever i went to my aunt's house (i still play it whenever i'm there, which makes me very easy to entertain :P ).
I was the only kid to get an iPhone 4, which made my brother jealous. The main reasons for me getting one is because my music player broke over the summer and so i've been slowly dying from lack of music. And i never have my phone on me when its needed, so now i'll always have it nearby and charged because it has my music on it. My sisblings didn't get one because earlier this year when it was time to get new phones the only one we were allowed to upgrade to had a key pad on it and i HATE keypads.My siblings love key pads so they had no problem getting the phone, but i had many heated discussions with my mom about why i wouldn't get the crappy phone that i would nevre use. I just don't like the buttons, i much prefer having a touch screen instead of those little buttons.
I got a lot of giftcards for iTunes, LOTS of candy (my teeth have a permanent layer of sugar on them X_X ),  a penguin pillow pet (because they're cute and i wanted one :P ), and a lot of bathroon items like bubble bath and what-not (i take showers, so when would i use bubble bath?)

all good fun and now i'm stuck in the computer chair because i've been playing SIms all day adn have only moved to go in search of food other then Lemon Heads :P

Now I'm to go back to the world of Sims and be lost forever :) 

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