Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My 17th Birthday Celebration

So today marks my 17th Birthday. Yes, 17 years ago i was born on Pearl Harbor day "the day that will live in infamy." My friends make tons of jokes about that :P
So every year i decide what i'm going to do to celebrate my birthday (because it's worth celebrating and just having a cake will not do :P ). This year i decied that i really wanted to go to a museum. But which museum? We have several around here, but after thinkning long and hard over it i decided to go to this science museum that i went to once for a 2nd grade field trip. I mainly wanted to go there because i remembered that it was one of those really interactive museums, with lots of little stations to do little do-dads and such. That and they had this huge globe theater thing connected to the theater that was showing the Polar Express during the month of December.
At first it was just going to be my mom and i, but in the end we had the entire family come. And that ended up making it even more fun. My mom let me use her fancy smancy camera and i got a lot of pictures and videos of the museum and my family doing silly things. There was this one place in the museum where they made it look like one of those really old classrooms, old projector and all. And they had the projector showing one of those really old science videos where the screen was shaky and it was all in black and white. I managed to get my family to sit down in the desks and they started to do silly things, like my mom would lean over to whisper to my dad and my brother was pretending to be asleep :P.
At first my mom thought that it was a bad idea to go see the Polar Express because it showed at 2 and we had arrived at around 11:30, so we wouldn't have a lot of time to look at everything. But by the time 2 rolled around we had been through the museum about 3 time.s and we were getting tired so we were actually really looking forward to seeing it :P. We went in and we realized that quickly that we should have gotten there sooner because if you weren't sitting dead center in the dome theater, the screen looked tilted and off :P. It was really cool to see a movie like that :)
After the movie my mom and i went into the giftshop and i was able to get this necklace with a little moon and star dangling from the chain. It's just small enough that i can still wear my skeleton necklace at the same time and it looks really cool (reminder to self: post picture of necklaces along with other pictures of museum)

And that was just on Sunday (because my birthday is on "the hump day" and no one really wants to celebrate anything on a wednesday :P ). I made cupcakes for my birthday this year and my family decided to mess with me by using trick candles. I noticed that something was off while we were lighting them because some of them started to spark like firecrackers. When i finally tried to blow them out and half of them popped back to life i realized what was happening and could try again because i was laughing so hard.

I ended up getting some really good presents this year too. My sister got me a new nightmare before christmas shirt with more of my favorite perfume. My mom got me my favorite chocolate, bubble bath that smells like cake and a haunted house snowglobe that she must have bought in October because it was definitely not something you find in December. My aunt got me an invader zim wallet and my favorite movie (Repo! The Genetic Opera) on DVD so i wouldn't have to keep borrowing it from her. And my other aunt got me tickets to see Wicked when it comes to her town in March (it's kind of a christmas/birthday present since it costs so much). I've gotten several cards and calls from family members and a billion posts on my facebook page from my friends.

And today on my real birthday i brought cookies to school and gave them to all of my friends (funny how when it's your birthday you give other people stuff :P ). It was raining all day and i had two tests at school today but i didn't really mind because this was the one day this week i didn;t have to go to rehearsal so i was able to curl up on the couch all day and read books. We also had chinese food for dinner (my favorite :) ) and my fortune cookie had two fortunes in it. Which reminded me of how i had two fortunes when i opened a fortune cookie at my japanese academy last summer.

And now tomorrow after rehearsal my sister is going to take me to the movies and my celebrations shall finally come to an end (when my birthday comes around, it lasts for nearly a week :) )

So yeah, a really good birthday :D


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! XDDD WHAT AN EPICA DAY YOU HAD! SO AWESOME!!! LOL I'm so glad! You so deserve it! *hugs tightly*
    Thanks so much for posting this awesome account of your special day! It made me smile so much!

  2. Aw, I missed it by a day! Happy birthday! Glad it was a good one!