Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve (We Don't Celebrate on Christmas Day)

I am very pleased this year with my Christmas presents. In my family it is a tradition to celebrate on Christmas Eve (I don't remember why, but we do). After dinner we go and sit around the tree as mom passes us our presents. This year she decided she was going to throw our presents at us, and it was our job not to get hit in the face :P.
Yet again most of the things that I got were Nightmare Before Christmas related, because that is the only thing my family knows that I like. Two posters, a pillow case, and a lot of socks :P. I also got other more exciting things, like a new drawing tablet. My first drawing tablet actually and I have not stopped drawing since. My mom was extremely excited because she looked over and saw me hugging my tablet quietly and I told her that I was very pleased with my present (which is a much bigger reaction than last year when she gave me an iPhone and I was just sitting there petting my Pillow Pet).
My grandmother also got me and my siblings the same present. She didn't even label the presents because they were all the same thing. She got all of us Nook tablets. My siblings were much more excited than I was because I had told my mother a few days ago that I never wanted a Nook, or Kindle, or any other reading device because I didn't like reading off of a screen. Later that evening I was going through the store on my tablet and I found out that they had manga on there as well. So I thought.....I could get used to this :P.

And my Christmas isn't even over yet because I ordered a new snow globe off of Amazon that will be coming in a few days. Every year I get a snowglobe for Christmas. This year my mom told me that she was not going to get me the one that I had been asking for because it was a little expensive. But a few days ago I received Christmas money from the grandparents on my dad's side and my mom said that I could buy the snowglobe on my own.

This is what it looks like and it plays "We're Off to See the Wizard"

Also when school is back in session my friend said she is going to give me a late Christmas present. She is doing this because on the last day of school I gave her a bag with candy canes and the Hunger Games DVD inside. I gave her this because a few days before she had given the cutest teddy bear for a late birthday/ early christmas present. So when I gave her my present I thought we would be even, but no, now she is getting me another present :P. My friend and I love each other too much.

And finally, here is one of the drawing I've made with my new drawing tablet (I love this thing)

I like the Little Mermaid :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Birthday (And Feeling Like Shit on the Weekend)

So my birthday was on Friday and it was fun considering I didn't do anything special. I turned 18 and I can now smoke cigarettes (even though I never will, and they smell awful :P).
It was a "B" day at my school, so I got to go to all my fun classes for the day. My first class was Video Production and we went to Dentistry to record bits for the safety video that we've been working on. At the end of recording they gave us some toothbrushes and candy (I could see what they were doing, giving us candy so we would have to come back because of the cavities :P).
Then I went to art. I told one of my friends that it was my birthday and she announced it to the entire class and made them sing for me. One of the girls walked up and asked me how old I was. When I told her she said "ok, I won't touch you then" and walked away. I was stuck silent for a few seconds and then couldn't stop laughing.
When I got home I found that my aunt had left presents for me on the stairs. I waited until after dinner to open them and found that everything they bought me was Nightmare Before Christmas themed (that's the only thing that my family KNOWS that I will like). There was a yahtzee game, some knee high socks, and some Jack and Sally pins.

My mom claimed that the jacket she had bought me the week before and my new Hello Kitty bag were my birthday presents. She had gotten sick of seeing me walk around in my old jacket because it was covered in cat hair. We were at the mall so I went to go look for a jacket. I had tried looking at JC Penney's but I didn't see anything that I liked. My mom texted me to go and find her, and then asked me if I had found anything yet. She apparently wasn't really listening for an answer because she asked repeatedly and I kept giving her the same "NOT YET."
Finally she told me to keep looking and I wandered away. I walked into Hot Topic to see if they had any jackets and found one that I liked in two seconds flat. Apparently my family was following me because they suddenly showed up behind me and asked if I had found anything. Let's just say it was the fastest time it had ever taken for me to find a jacket that I liked (and it was 50% off, which made it the cheapest jacket I'd ever found).
My new jacket is all black and goes to my knees. It was one long zipper that goes all the way to the bottom over my left breast with a skulls and crossbones zipper. The sleeves also have zippers on the end of them and there is a ribbon corset on the back. This is one bad ass jacket :D.

The day after my birthday I realized that I was sick. Whenever someone in my family gets sick, it spreads to the rest of the family like the plague and doesn't leave until we've all felt like crap. I feel sore all over, I'm cold all the time, and I'm coughing constantly (which makes my head hurt more).
If I though it felt bad to be sick on the weekend, then tomorrow is going to be hell. When you're at home, you don't have much to distract you from the crappy feeling. But when you're at school, the blinding fluorescent lights, the loud voices, and the necessity to be focused makes you feel even worse. The medicine I've been taking hasn't done anything but make my sleep schedule wonky (I fell asleep at 2 yesterday and woke up at noon this morning).
It didn't really help that I had to go outside to work on my photojournalism project. My assignment was to take a picture portraying the teenage use of marijuana. What I did was wrap oregano in printer paper and light it. The smell was awful and the "joint" wouldn't smoke enough to my liking (such is the difficulty of the photographer lifestyle :P). 
I still feel kind of bad, but I'm gonna fight through it until it passes (or kill my cousins for yelling into my ears all day when my head already hurts).

On the upside, my blog has reached over 1,000 views. This makes me happy because it means that people are actually looking at this and not completely ignoring my rambling. Thank you guys for reading my blog :D

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Employee Party

Today was the last day of the fall festival at the plantation that I work at. They closed early today and the employees had a party and got to play. We all headed down to the pig races (where I would work) for the opening statement and a pig race. I sat down in the audience next to the boy who made balloon animals (Alex) and Ian (my boss) came up to us. He said that I had to come help with the race, to which my response was "I didn't come here to work." He said he'd give me a pig nose if I did it (the prize that kids get for winning the pig races, but I already have one so I said no (everyone around us is watching this go down). He then offered a bag of kettle corn instead, I contemplated it, and said ok. So I went down to get ready and I saw one of the people I'd met at the job interview (Charlotte) and some new people (Rebecca,Christine,Christine's Mom). I did the show and they sent us off (and I got my kettle corn, which was a HUGE bag (my mom was very happy when I got home :P)). I wonder how I had managed to work the entire season and not met such awesome people.
Everyone headed over to the grille to eat and I ended up in the line with my new acquaintances, and some old people that I used hang out with during my breaks (Nicole and Keith, who I learned recently are the mom and stepdad of my brother's friend. They didn't know who I was either, so the awkwardness was mutual). I quickly learned Keith has a bit of a dirty mind. There were two kinds of hot dogs offered to eat, long ones and short ones. I got the short one and behind me Keith got the large one. I heard him mutter something about "overcompensating for something'to himself, I froze, and turned around slowly to face him. He realized that I'd heard and burst out laughing and I continued on :P.
I sat down with the group of girls and for some reason we kept coming back to the fact that I'm am very short for my age. Several jokes were made, one asking me if I judge friends based height (to that I commented on how I would be friends with a bunch of elementary school kids), but I joined in on the fun so it was all good. At one point we were getting ready to go into the corn maze when Rebecca pulled out a tiny flashlight and said "midget flashlight." To that we locked eyes, waited a moment, and then I said "thank you Rebecca" and started to walk away in mock anger. She realized what she'd said and laughed and attempted to apologize (which doesn't go very well if you're laughing hysterically).
We came up to go into the maze and we met these two boys (who's names I did not learn) that walked in before us. We started following them because we didn't know where to go and they decided to run and hide. We would be running after them and they would scare us. We eventually lost them completely and then we began debating who should lead. Christine had the flashlight, but I had the bag of kettle corn so I was put in charge (if we got left in there for several days, my kettle corn would keep us alive longer than the flashlight :P). Apparently we then began trying to scare each other with tales of someone coming out and eating children in corn mazes, and making each other laugh by yelling out "Look, Corn!!" at random moments.
We eventually made it out and went to the giant slide. The walk up was more of a slide than anything because I almost slipped and took down both myself and Rebecca :P.
We then went over to the giant pillow bounce where we met Alex again. He tried to run off with my kettle corn, but I chased him down and continually punched him in the arm afterwards. He is significantly taller than me so I was a little surprised that I was able to catch him :P. As I was walking back I said "nobody touches momma's corn" :P.
It was all in all a very fun way to end my first job. I've managed to earn more than enough money to pay for my behind the wheel and I've met some awesome new people. All in all a very good experience (other than the times I wanted to kick my boss in the shin (I would hit in the face, but I can't reach that high lol)).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Real Friends (And My Couch Phone)

So a group of my friends were planning on gathering at someone's house and do each other's hair before the Homecoming Dance. Last week the girl who's house we're going to (Heather) asked me if I wanted to go. I said yes and she asked what time I could come over and that she would send me her address through Facebook.
Yesterday I'm sitting with her and two others (Allision and Stephanie) at lunch. Heather has this big smile on her face and says that she has something to tell, but it's not good news. She and Allison then go back and forth "you tell her""no you tell her""i don't want to tell her, you do it""no you." Finally Stephanie says she'll do it sine she's a third party and has no interest in the subject. Stephanie then looks at me and says that they don't want me to go to the event before Homecoming. Allison then goes on to explain that I had overheard a conversation about it and assumed that I was invited too. She also said that they wanted to give me a head's up so that I would have time to find another group of friends to hang out with.All the while Heather has this big smile on her face (because she's an idiot).
On the outside I say "sure, no problem." On the inside I'm frustrated that they 1) couldn't just tell me and had to force someone else to break the bad news and 2) that they say that I assumed and invited myself along. Heather asked me if I wanted to come, I even have a witness (Mikayla) who can prove that is what happened. Heather then went and said that she would tell me where her house is and asked what time I get off work so I could come over. That is not "assuming" anything, that is being led on and it pisses me off that they would accuse me of that. That can also be considered a form of bullying and I could report them for it (but I won't because I'm a good person and I don't want to be around them anyway if that is how they are going to act).
Today during lunch I told Mikayla what happened and she was just as angry as I was (and as angry as everyone else I told what happened). Mikayla was planning on going with them as well and I was even going to go over to her house on Friday to do a "dry run" on what we were going to do. When I finished telling her the story she said "you know what, screw it. You can come over to my house and I'll do your hair there. I can have my mom try to do my hair or something but that is so mean what they did to you."
So my plans were made, then canceled, and then rescheduled with someone who really is a great friend. I personally love Mikayla even more now because she decided that she would rather hang out with me than with people who would make up stories to get rid of someone. And everyone I've told this has said that I need to find a new group of friends. I don't need new friends, I just need to get rid of the bad ones. I have so many people that I claim are my friends but then they pull stuff like this, or exclude me in some way. But I also have those few people who will stick by me and I value them a lot more than all those other fake friends.

So yesterday after I got home from the library, I noticed that my phone was missing. I looked around the house a bit but couldn't find it. I waited a bit and then tried looking again. I even tried messaging my grandmother to see if I left my phone in her car (she was the one who took me to the library). But she didn't have it and I couldn't find it anywhere.
Suddenly I heard this ringing coming from the living room. It was coming from around the couch. I moved the couch and looking under the couch cushions but the phone wasn't there. It then dawned on me to press my hand along the bottom of the couch and I felt this little rectangular shape pressing against the bottom of it. My cell phone :P. Somehow it had slipped through this tiny opening between where the couch cushion goes and where the arm rest connects and fell inside the couch.
After about half an hour of trying to get my hand through the opening to reach my phone, my younger brother came in and flipped the couch onto it's back so we could see the bottom. We then noticed that there was a little opening in the bottom fabric and slipped the phone out through there. This has been, by far, the weirdest  place for me to find my phone :P

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bad Days

So the day starts out with me having to go buy a new agenda in the school office. Every student is given an agenda and they are basically our "hall pass" if we need to go anywhere in the school. Mine had gone missing sometime in the last two days and I knew I would need it to go see one of my teachers later in the day. So I go and pay the $5 for a replacement and I'm fine.
The first block of the day I student aide in the library. I help out the librarians and I finish any last minute work that I need to do. The night before I had e-mailed myself an essay that was due at the end of the day to print off. I go to my e-mail and..........there is no attachment to the e-mail. I go and call up my sister and mother to see if they are still at home to send it to me; but unfortunately they have both left for work at this point.
So I walk down to the teacher's classroom to tell her about this. She takes one look at me and hands me the agenda that I had been missing. I thank her and tell her my situation. She then goes into this big shpeel which basically comes down to it is not her problem and it is my responsibility. By the end of her monologue I am in tears.
I go back to the library and one of the librarians sees me and asks me if my mom would be ok with her driving me to my house to get my laptop (the computer that the essay is on). I call my mom up and she gives the ok (she actually asked me if it was legal for the librarian to take me out of the school, to which I said "i have no idea). We get my laptop and get back to school and I'm about 15 minutes late for my next class. One of the librarians says that she has already contacted my teacher and I just need to get a pass.
At our school we have this mandatory study hall called "Pride Time." The only way we can go see a teacher is if they request us ahead of time on this website. I had arranged with my photojournalism teacher to come in to finish a project that is due tomorrow. My teacher goes and checks the website but I haven't been requested and my teacher won't call the photojournalism teacher to ask if i can go. I'm in tears again because, really, I have no idea how this project is going to get done (I was actually supposed to do this yesterday but we had run out of one of the chemicals so i couldn't develop pictures, so I was supposed to come in again today to do it).
At the end of the block I go down to the classroom and ask why I wasn't on the list. Apparently something had gone wrong with the website or something because my photojournalism teacher was positive that he had requested me. He checks but my name is still not on there. He then asks if I could stay after school (which i can't) or if I can come in during Pride Time tomorrow (which I can't because I already have plans for that day). He then says that it'll be ok and I'll be able to turn the work in and not get deducted points on it (much more understanding than my other teacher :P).
So lunch comes around and I go to the library and print off my essay and the rest of the school day is fine. I walk up to my teacher and tell her that I got the essay and her reply is "that's good....for you."
I found that last comment a little unnecessary, wouldn't you say so?
But all in all the essay crisis was dealt with and my other project will get done somehow and I feel so much better now then how I was feeling this morning.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My First Job

So on the second day of school I went to a job interview at the farm near my house. They offer seasonal employment for the harvest festival-they have a corn maze, pumpkin picking, etc... This is a group interview and we play games with each other that demonstrate character and then we sit in different groups and are asked some questions. I applied here last year but sadly I was not offered a job.
One of the first things we had to do was play a type of bingo game where you had to ask people if they had ever done something, and if they had to have them sign one of the squares (I felt really bad because none of the questions applied to me). One of the owners of the farm noticed me asking someone to sign and commented on how polite I was (I made sure to say please and thank you), which made me feel like I was doing well.
One of the games we had to play was we were given foam noodles and tape and we had to build the tallest structure possible (without anything holding it up). My group barely won by an inch and as a reward we were given free plastic pig noses and took a picture with them on in front of our structure. When I was taking off the nose I commented on how my breath stank and one of the managers laughed and commented how I was funny.
After that we sat down to the interview portion of the evening. The manager from before came up and asked us if we had ever been to an interview like this before. I said yes and explained that I had applied there the year before. The woman looked at me for a second in confusion and asked if I had been hired, which I said unfortunately no. She then went on to explain how there had been nearly 300 applicants last year and they only ever hired 150 people to work. She then went on to say how there were only a little over 100 applicants this year (which in my head I was saying "YYYYYEEEESSSSS, a higher chance of me getting hired" :P).
After the interview was over I was sitting outside with one of the other possible employees about my age waiting for our rides to get here. Somehow in the interview the topic of anime came up and we were both comparing which ones we had seen and which were our favorites. All in all I felt that I had given the best impression that I could have.
As my mom and sister were taking me home they finally asked how much do they pay. I told them it was about $8.25 and my sister did a double take. She has two jobs and has been working at one of them for months and I'd be getting better pay than she does at either of her jobs. The only real downside of my job is we have to wear overalls :P

Well today I went to check my e-mail and found a message from the farm................They offered me a job!!! :D It was a good thing I was home alone at the time because my jumping up and down would have made someone very angry. I went onto Facebook to share the good news and saw that one of my friends was also hired as well. This has been some very good news :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of Senior Year (Sunburn)

So today was my first day of senior year. It was also my brother's first day of freshman year. The school has basically changed everything about our school and the seniors (including me) are suffering the most because of it. Seniors used to be allowed to leave to go to lunch or at the end of the day 2 minutes early. Gone. They also changed the way the schedule works so now everyone has to have a mandatory "Pride Time" (study hall) that no one wants and it makes no sense whatsoever.
Around third block an announcement comes on that we are not allowed to leave our classrooms. About twenty minutes later another announcement comes on that we have to go outside and sit in the football stadium. We go out and the entire school is sitting on the bleachers and it's getting hotter and hotter and no one is telling us what is going on. Some of the students just start walking around and going to the bathroom. So now no one is allowed to go to the bathroom and an announcement was made several times for students to go back to their seats. They start providing water for us but now more students are getting up and walking around. We were told that we would be called up by class to get water, but by the time they got to our class they had run out of cups. They even went and made an announcement for us to stop contacting our parents because the police were blocking the school entrances and they weren't letting anyone through (still not telling what was going on). We spent the rest of the day sitting in the hot sun (and I was wearing black skinny jeans). By the time we were put on the bus to go home my face was red and hurting and I was so thirsty. It wasn't until we were on the bus that we found out that apparently someone had texted a student saying that there was a bomb in the school.
I'm finally home and I'm putting on aloe and trying not to think how I resemble a lobster.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Skulduggery Pleasant KOTW (My Dad Reminds Me of Ron White)

The new Skulduggery Pleasant book comes out in less than two weeks and the period of harassing my mother has begun. I walked into my parent's bedroom to tell them that I was going to need more retainer cleaner soon (I've learned over the years to warn them ahead of time or else my retainer is disgusting for several days :P). I look at what they're watching and it's the spanish soap opera channel (my dad watched it so he can ad-lib what he wants the people to say (and automatically I think of that one joke by Ron White (see bottom of page for video)))
As I'm talking to them I remind them that the next Skulduggery Pleasant book is coming out soon. As I'm following my mom out of the room she says "I'll make a deal with you. If you go and put the laundry in the dryer when it's done and fold it, I'll order that book for you." I agree, of course, because I don't think my mom realizes the value of the Skulduggery Pleasant books. And if I inform her on their value then she's going to make me do more crap to earn the book :P. Now the day it gets released I'm going to chase her down until she orders it and then I'll be stalking and the mailman until it arrives

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Impossible Question

Ok, so I don't really have anything to blah blah blah about today :P
But I found this picture on Facebook a few minutes ago
How could you ever pick between the two???? But I came up with the solution.
I wouldn't either of them and would instead pick "I'm Skulduggery Pleasant." Because whenever people ask me about the Skulduggery Pleasant books I say "It's basically a mash up of Harry Potter and Doctor Who." And if they ask me what Doctor Who is I slap them with a book :P

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fortune Cookies and Gay Movies

Today when my mom got home  she asked me if I wanted chinese food for dinner (I don't know why she had to ask because I always do :P). She tosses me the car keys and we go to the restaurant and order our food. While we're waiting we walk a few stores over to look at movies to check out. There was nothing there that I was interested in so mom rented two movies and we went and picked up our food. While we were paying for the food mom asked if she could also have four sodas and the woman at the counter gave them to her for free. As we're driving back home, mom's looking through the bag and realized that the woman didn't give us fortune cookies. That is my mom's favorite part of the meal and it made her grumpy for the rest of the meal. I think the only reason we got the sodas for free was because they were out of fortune cookies :P.
After dinner we headed downstairs to watch the movies. The first one mom put in was called Chat Room. The beginning of it was a little strange because it started out with this teenage boy sitting near a computer making this little person out of clay. I looked at my mom and said "he's making friends." Her reply was that she thought that was something I would do -_- It turns out he was making a stop motion video with the clay person and my mom said that I should do something like that, but I don't have the attention span for that :P.
We got about five minutes into it before mom mentions that I like this movie. When we ask why she says "cause this movie's gay".......We just kind of looked at her for a second and then I said "wow" (which we found out is a woman's way of saying "I can't believe someone could be so stupid :P). I thought it was a little bit funny because I'm bisexual and yet she picked out a gay movie :P. She took out the movie, handed it to me, and told me to go watch it upstairs. And that's what I'm going to do once I finish up here.

Oh, and for those it may concern, I finally got my mom to reschedule those college visits I had to miss last weekend. But they've been rescheduled so that I have to wait for another month and a half or so, so :P. My mom was actually asking me if I was allowed to miss school to go college visiting and I just kind of gave her a look. Because it would make it easier for her, and yet it would affect my attendance record and I would have to go and make up all of the work that I missed.........

Friday, August 3, 2012

Disappointment (It Sucks)

So my mom and I had planned to do 2 things this weekend: go to an open house at an art institute and visit an all girls college. Well, not anymore. My dad, for some reason, didn't get paid today, even thought he's been doing overtime every weekend for the past month. Since he didn't get paid my mom can't pay the bills right now and we don't even have enough money to put gas in the car. So my plans are shot.
My mom keeps saying that we will be able to visit both places, just not this weekend.......This was the only weekend we had time to visit either of those places. Because in a few weeks my 4 and 6 year old cousins are going to be staying with us and school will be starting. Once they're here and school starts there will be no way on earth to be able to go anywhere for a long time. And I wanted to visit the schools before it became time to apply because then it's too late to still be looking at schools. The art institute we can visit any weekend so it's not that big of a deal, but the girls college is only open during the week and I'll have school and my relatives and before school starts one of my mom's coworkers is going on vacation so she can't get away during then.
As you can imagine, this was really disappointing to me because I'd been planning this for a while. First I cried. Then I tried to contact the schools to cancel, but they had already closed for the night. Then I went and took a long shower with Celine Dion blasting through the radio (because I like her music). Once I dried off and got dressed I went and made some cranberry muffins. Because nothing tastes better than muffins filled with disappointment :P. And I know that it isn't the end of the world, but it still hurts and it's made it very difficult when it comes to decisions about my college future since I can't visit them.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back From Vacation

So I'm officially back from my vacation. I say vacation, but really it just means I was forced to spend time with relatives that live in the middle of nowhere. And the real meaning of that is I would go missing for several hours at a time to read books that I had brought with me.
The ride up to visit them could have gone better because for the first hour or two i had to sit in the back of my dad's truck because he needed another person in order to be able to go into the HOV lane on the highway. And that person was unfortunately me. I was crammed into a child's seat and the passenger seat was pushed back so I had no room for my feet. By the time we finally stopped at a gas station I could no longer feel my legs :P. The rest of the trip up was fine because I was able to switch to my mom's car and we laughed all the way down (They drove in separate vehicles because 1) there were too many people to put into one car and 2) My parents would have killed themselves because neither of them can handle sitting in the  passenger seat).
Our first stop was to our great aunt's house for our annual 4th of July picnic (we had it early this year as a precaution in case I ended up going to another summer program). There were too many people under the age of 14 in that house. And they all fought with each other. The first day we got there my aunt gave me authority to punish anyone while she and a few others went to the store. During that time one of the older boys got a hold of my phone and wouldn't put it down. My aunt has a paddle in the kitchen to I went over and picked it up and he dropped the phone so fast I thought he had broken it :P. There was a younger boy there that thought it would be fun to try to mess with my while I was trying to play a video game. He came up and slapped me on the butt in front of everyone and then tried to kick me. But he didn't get very close before I lightly nudged him and he face planted in the middle of the living room.
The other stop on our family vacation didn't have as many "kids." I use the quotation marks because there were more adults, but they acted like children. One of my aunts tried to mess with me in front of everyone so I reminded her of the time she got so drunk that she started singing Hey There Delilah. And Hey There Delilah were the only words of the song she got right :P.
Now that I'm home I can catch up on everything I missed while I was starved of civilization, and that means drooling over the first chapter of the new Skulduggery Pleasant book that was released :P

Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye Junior Year

Today was my last day of school and i a now officially a senior. It's funny how when you're a kid it seems like these things are a million years away, but these past few years have just flown by. A lot of things have happened to me this past school year.
I got to be on the morning announcements
I got to take video production at the tech center (which i've wanted to do since middle school)
I went to competition and placed 1st at states for my radio psa
I got to go see my first broadway musical, Wicked, with my aunt
I went to Japanese school over the summer and met all of these new friends that i miss like crazy
I finally took my SAT and spent the day in Washington D.C. with my mom by going to a spy museum (this was actually just last weekend :P )

Next year is going to be awesome because being a senior comes with all of these privileges and these events that only seniors can go to. But its also gonna be hard because i finally have to decide what colleges i want to go to, apply to them, and then look for scholarships because my mom's made it clear that there is no money in the bank for me to go to college.

But on the bright side.....I got a new laptop today :)
I brought my broken one to the computer networking teacher at the tech center to be looked at and he said that it would cost double what its worth to fix it. But a few days ago he came up to me and said that he had a laptop that his class had just finished putting back together that i could have :D. It's not the same model that i had (....actually, it's one of the school laptops :P) but its a computer and i won't have to fight my brother over the computer anymore.

On another bright side :P here's a stop motion video that i made in my video production class
It's really short but it took me three days to film and then another few day to edit. Hope you like it

Monday, April 30, 2012

Prom 2012 (And Boys Worse Than Elementary Kids)

So my junior prom was this Saturday. I ended up wearing the same dress i wore last year but i didn't really care :P

This was me and some of the people in my group that i hung out with (I'm second from the left)
My sister curled my hair for me and pulled it back with this pretty black flower :D
The night was really fun and we got to go to dinner before-hand. I showed up to the restaurant 10 minutes early, and my friends showed up 10 minutes late so i ended up spending 20 minutes sitting at this big table by myself :P Eventually the waitress gave me a bread bowl and some water and said that if she didn't give me something then she was going to get fired :P The first person finally showed up and ordered a water. Then my friend showed up and ordered a water too......then the twins showed and both ordered a water too. The last person finally came and ordered a Sprite XP (you thought i was going to say water, didn't you) I finally cracked and asked for a Coke, because i was going to die if i didn't get some caffeine in me. I had waited to order my food until everyone arrived so i wouldn't be the only one eating. My food came with a soup and almost 5 seconds later it came out and i ended being the only one eating anyway XP
Once we finished dinner my friend drove me to prom (but my mom thinks it was my friend's mom so its hush hush :P) And i soon found out that my friend has no parking skills whatsoever. Then the rest of the girls tried to park their van in the spot next to us and almost hit both our car and the red truck in front of them that apparently not gone far enough in. It was like watching a slow motion crash :P
All in all it was a really fun night :D

Now for the last few days in my video production class we've had elementary kids come in so we could show them what we do. And this became the perfect opportunity for a certain Matt to get even more annoying than usual. Now usually he would just try to make bad jokes and then insult me when i didn't laugh. Before the kids had even arrived he walked into the room and asked when the brats were coming.
Today i was helping out the kids that would be in front of the camera. One little boy kept swinging back and forth in his chair and wasn't looking at the camera when he talked. As i was telling him not to do that Matt walks up and starts telling me to stop crushing the boy's creativity..........i was helping the boy become a better news anchor and Matt was telling me to stop.
Then in the next group these two girls had these cute hats that they had made in another class. I told them they were cute that they should wear them when they recorded. The girls thought it would be cool and put them on. Matt comes running along and starts telling me to not force them to wear the hats. That they don't have to wear them and i shouldn't force them........i wasn't forcing them to do anything and the girls wanted to wear them.
I finally told Matt to leave me alone and to go do his job instead of trying to boss me around. Now, Matt is already an unattractive guy, but the devil look he gave me then made him really ugly.
Now Matt, for some reason, knows my next door neighbor from summer camp or something and has been talking to her about me behind my back. And she's told me what he says. Apparently he thinks that i suck up to the teacher and i'm no fun. If sucking up to the teacher means that i talk to her and like her and she helps me when it comes to competitions, then yes, i'm a suck up :P And if his version of fun means jeapordizing someone else's work, insulting them and then bitching to other people about them, then yes, i'm no fun. But at no point did i ever claim otherwise.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games (Madge Should Have Her Own Book)

So our school just had a four day weekend. On Thursday i was talking to my old english teacher about reading The Hunger Games book before going to see the movie on Monday (a bunch of the kids from my school were going at the same time as a sort of field trip (only we had to have our own transportation :P)). I ended up coming up with the argument that sometimes you have to read the book in order to fully understand the movie (ex: Sorceror's Apprentice ended up being a really crappy movie because they explained nothing and it jumped everywhere). The teacher let me borrow one of the books (she had a pile of them because the freshmen had to read it as an assignment) and i challenged myself to finish before Monday. I got the book Thursay.........and finished it Friday night XP.
I really loved the movie except for two things.
1) They didn't have the giant dogs be engineered from the other competitors. The dogs were their but that's all they were......giant dogs :P. That would have been really cool and people who haven't read the book could have figured it out. But apparently people are morons and they can't put 2 and 2 together.
2) They took Madge out. For those who haven't read the book, she's the mayor's daughter who gave the mockingjay pin to Katniss. They took her out entirely and had Katniss give it to Prim before the reaping  (which kind of gave me a giggle because Katniss said nothing bad would happen to her when she wore it and then she was chosen :P) and then Prim gave it back when they said their goodbyes. I ended up getting into this heated discussion with my friend after the movie because my friend didn't think Madge was important. My comeback was that when Eclipse came out, everyone made a big deal about Bree Tanner and she wasn't important either (all she did was die :P). A nearby girl looked at me and told me that Bree had her own book and I just shouted out "Well maybe Madge should have her own book then! I'm going to call the author and ask her to write a book about Madge!" Basically I was just being silly but apparently Madge is important in the third or second book (haven't read them yet) and if they make the next movies then their either going to have to put her in or rewrite the story.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Insulting Pep Talks (I'm a Little Confused)

So in SkillsUSA I'm running for State Office. In order to run you have to come with a campaign to get people to vote for you. It can't go over $100 and you only have a four foot table to work on. I was telling my mom about this and i reach the $100 bit when she just snapped. And this is basically how it went:

She started going off on how i apparently just come up and say i need money and expect her to give it to me.

And then how when she talks to me i just come up with this blank face and it's like it goes in one ear and out the other. (at this point i'm already giving her that look (and, really, what other face does she want me to make because if i show any emotion then it will set her off on another rant))

Then how I should joing the military. (wait...what?????)

Then I'm living in a fantasy and I'll never be able to do great things or going to an "artsy school" won't get me anywhere in life. (way to shoot down a kid's dreams mom)

Then she started her life story about how she moved out when she was 18, got pregnant with my sister, joined the military, married dad, had to other kids and now has a great job (that she hates), and even though she did it all backwards she ended up ok in the end (she forgot to mention that she has no friends, and her job is a life sucking hell, and she moved out because her dad was an ass and she already had a job at like 12 because she lied about her age, she smokes all the time, and she stole an old lady's car when she was a pre-teen)

It's a waste of time to even look at the stuff colleges send me in the mail because I'll never be able to afford it

Joining the military gives you everything (YEAH :D they only enslave you and basically own you for the majority of your life)

Then how I won't even be able to get a scholarship because I'm not trying, I just act like I'm already awesome so I should automatically do well (She apparently can't remember that I'm taking COLLEGE-level math right now, the majority of my classes are ADVANCED, I learned JAPANESE over the summer, I'm in a bunch of AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS, I'm trying to sign up for DUAL ENROLLMENT next year on top of two AP history classes (yes, two. One of them is my elective) and i need to start looking for colleges and scholarships (because she's made it perfectly clear that I'm on my own when it comes to that) and i still need to take my SAT)

Then more ranting about how i have no concept of money (I have a perfect concept of money. I have none because i don't have a job. I don't have a job because i have no way to get there. I have no way to get there because I can't drive. I can't drive because i don't have enough hours to get my license because she'll never take me driving-I'm stuck begging her for money because she's basically set me up to beg the rest of my life and then be yelled at for it)

"I'd love to see your name on the big screen. Maybe even as the lead actress. probably won't be the lead actress..." (more dream crushing...even though that isn't a dream of mine anymore and i already knew it was a long shot)

Then "it'll suck because you won't be able to sit on the couch all day if you join the military" (basically calling me fat and lazy)

"High five.Now go and kick some butt, girl" (wait.......what???????)

Basically I was just yelled at, given a pep talk, and a sales pitch on joining the military all at the same time which has left me a little confused. And all i was trying to do was tell her about my day at school Xl

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Really Good Week (Even Though It Should Have Been Bad)

So this is the day i go to see Wicked finally :D. But before i could go see it i had to take two SOLs and a chemistry test. Not fun. But even though the week should have taken forever and should have sucked, it was pretty good.
Monday: It started snowing while we were at school. The school decided not to let us go to the Tech Center, so we were put in the lecture room. They let me go to the library and i stayed there and read for the rest of the afternoon.
Tuesday: I had the multiple choice portion of my writing SOL this day. After school, my aunt took me to the movies with her boyfriend to see The Secret World of Arrietty. Cutest. Movie. Ever. The theater was almost empty except for us and a group of kids behind us. The best part of the whole thing was the commercials that they show as you're waiting for the movie to start. At one point it said to locate the emergency exit and i stood up and shouted "it's over there!" My aunt's boyfriend then said that it now suddenly felt like a rerun of Dora the Explorer :P. And that was the only trivia question i got right :P.
Wednesday: Took my chemistry test in the morning. It was easier than i thought it was but it made me paranoid because in the middle of the multiple choice i had nothing but straight Bs. And that's the grade i got so i was content.
Thursday: The writing portion of my SOL. I thought i was about to die because of the dead silence. The prompt was pretty easy to write about so it wasn't as hard as it could have been. In my video production class we watched The Help, so i didn't have to learn anything all day.
Friday: ........Nothing really happened this day, other than after school i drove with my aunt to Norfolk to spend the weekend with my other aunt.
Now it's Saturday and my aunt went out to help her friend pick out a cat :P. I thought it was going to be a hassle (especially since my cousins woke me up at 6 am) but as soon as my aunt left my younger cousin went up to his room and passed out. The older one helped me make cupcakes and then we had grilled cheese for lunch and now she's taking her nap. I just thought it was funny that while their mom is away........the kids will pass out in their rooms :P. And tonight my aunt and i are going out to eat Korean for dinner (because we love asian food) and then we are going to see Wicked FINALLY!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Playing Darts (and Babysitting)

So tonight my dad pulled out our old dart board that we hadn't seen in a very long time. Now i know why it went missing for all that time.
Dad asked if i wanted to play and i got it handed to me because i have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to darts. In one round i managed to make two stick to the wall and the last one broke into thirds. Dad won, no surprise there.
Then my little brother came down and i played against him. Not the best idea to have two kids who don't know what they're doing throw darts. I won the first round. He won the second. We laughed the entire time while playing because we both know we suck. But we could tell dad was getting a little angry because we managed to break another 3 darts.
In the last round we were sharing two darts. Then my brother threw one and managed to break it as well. But he managed to put it back together even though it was then loose and kept falling apart when we threw it really hard. We made a joke and said we had one dart and a handicapped dart, or 1 1/2 darts. My brother and i then made a bet about who was going to break it. My brother then started talking smack about how he was winning......threw the dart......and broke it. I looked at him, coughed, and then said "handicap," and it sent everyone over the edge. My dad hadn't laughed the entire game and turned to me smiling and said, "i know right? He's talking smack and then he blows it up." Then i went and won the game :P
My brother was sitting there in shock yelling "REALLY?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!" and he left the garage. I followed ahortly afterwards because my dad said it was time to take a break, and as soon as i opened the door my brother tried to throw a pillow at me. We started out with 6 darts......and ended with 1.......That dart board is going to suddenly disappear on us again for another 10 or so years in order to save the darts

And earlier today my cousins came over. They were as good as 2 and 4 year olds can be, wrestling each other, taking out a bunch of board games and leaving them for me to pick up, climbing on our grandmother. My dad and i basically were able to keep them down by constantly playing movies on Netflix and making them sit and watch.
They were good up until my mom came home from work and decided to show them that it had started snowing outside. Then Mckayla suddenly burst into tears saying she wanted her mommy. Her mommy was at a gun show for the day and wouldn't be back for another 2 hours. I managed to make her stop crying by letting her watch the Phineas and Ferb movie, and that held her down until her mom picked them up.
Then when she did show up my mom grabbed Coleman and told him that he had to stay with us and wouldn't let him go. This made him start to cry and at this point I was telling mom to stop making the kids cry.
I looked at my aunt and told her she still hadn't paid me. My mom before had tried to convince her that my aunt shouldn't have to pay family, but my aunt had offered to pay me in the first place and my dad and i weren't complaining. My aunt came up to hug me, and while secretly slipping a 20 into my hand she said that she'll gice me the rest when i go to her house next month to see Wicked with her. I hadn't really expected more than a 20 so i was happy to hear that.
Then as soon as they all left the entire family basically joined in one big collapse onto the couch. I love my cousins and everything but have the time i can't understand what they're saying and they have the strange habit of trying to sit on each other which makes one of them scream and cry :P

Friday, February 10, 2012


So i went to compete at Forensics again this year. And before you get it confused, it is not like CSI, it's a speech competition. This year i decided to compete in poetry as to avoid the mishap last year (see previous posts to know what i'm talking about). I decided to do the poem The Imaginary Court by M Alice LeGrow (you can find it online if you want to read it).

So it was all fun like last year, except we played different games. We even played this one game called "Honey, I Love You," where you walk to someone and you say that and you try to get them to smile. Some of the things that people would do to try to get them to smile were ridiculous. One really tall guy tried to jump into the arms of someone who had their arms crossed and ended up falling on his face.

We went to the awards ceremony and once again i didn't place, but one of the girls that i'd befriended won first place so i was happy for her. When it ended i told her congrats. Then i turned around.........and everyone from my school was gone.....i walked outside, and saw a bus driving away....Apparently they never did any sort of attendance or anything to make sure everyone was on the bus

I was put on another bus and they switched me back to the right bus when we stopped at Arby's. But as we were walking towards the bus my tescher asked me why i wasn't on the bus. She made it sound like i had done it on purpose and it was my fault that i was left behind......Let's just say i no longer like her very much

So it's been a few weeks and now I'm getting ready for yet another competition coming up soon and tomorrow I get to babysit my cousins for the day. Love 'em to death, but eventually i'm just waiting for them to go home so i don't have to keep them from wrestling all over the furniture :P (thank god i'm getting paid)
wish me luck

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hairspray Video and Pictures

So our stage manager for Hairspray made a video of all of us
you should all go check it out :D
you only see me a few times in it
i'm the girl with the headphones at :20 and 2:59 in my costume :P
and here are some pictures that i took:
                                                              This was my first costume
                                                           I feel Penny's mom behind me :P
My friend in her druggie costume for Big Doll House
My friend was the Druggie and I was the Hooker (or "Tart" as we liked to call her)
We make such a good pair of criminals

We got photo bombed :P

Group shot at the cast and crew party

All my friends hanging out in the dressing room

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sims 3 Birthday Disaster (Hairspray)

So as i mentioned before i got Sims 3 for Christmas. And i've been on it almost everyday since. Now in one of my games the couple i had made had triplets. Three beautiful little girls named Charity, Helen, and Natalie.
Now it was time for their birthday in which they would become toddlers. I had the dad holding Helen and about to blow out the candles when the table caught on fire from the cakes :O . The entire family was there and their grandfather, being awesome, extinguished the flames. But then i noticed the father's butt was on fire and he was still holding Helen. I was basically yelling at him to put the baby down. And by the time he did he just burst into ash and died. Right there. In front of all his family. Now everyone's crying and the grim reaper came and put him into his grave. After that all i could think of was that the little girls would never remember their father, they'd walk around crying "I never knew my father" :'(.
So i waited until they grew up to be children and decided that was long enough and that the mom needed to move on. So i made another family with a guy in it and i made them meet and start flirting. But then she's suddenly accussed of being a cheater. That night the father's ghost shows up and i checked their relationship status. Apparently they were engaged :O .
That's when cheats became very helpful. I managed to end the relationship between ghost daddy and the mom and make the other guy accept the mom. Now the triplets are teenagers and I'm thinking of adding another addition to this rapidly growing family.

On to other news :)

At our school we're putting on Hairspray. This involved severeal months of spending everyday after school and every Saturday rehearsing our butts off until we hated the songs. But now it's all worth it. Thrusday was our opening night and as a way to advertise it to the school at the end of each class we would perform a few numbers for the school. To do this we also all wore our costumes to school as well.
I was just in the ensemble but i was also one of the few that got to say lines. Because i played the gym teacher and the hooker :P. Two parts that made everyone look at me funny when they asked what part i had :P.
They are really fun to play but the only problem because in Welcome to the 60's i'm one Pinky's workers that helps Edna (who is played by a guy) get changed. And right afterward is the dodgeball scene where i need to change my entire costume. So unlike the other Pinky workers i don't some back out after changing Edna. I instead run for my life and go change into my next costume. And it was just last night with the help of my friend that i got on that stage without gasping for air.
The show has become an even bigger success than High School Musical (the school did that show the year before i became a freshman). We've gotten standing ovations evernight and tonight is our last show. After the show we're going to clean up and then go out for pizza for the cast and crew party.

And other other news :)

My aunt told me last week that our tickets for Wicked finally came in. We're going to be sing it in March when it comes to her town. I'm going to be spending the weekend at her house and it's going to be amazing. I've wanted to see that show for years but my mom was never willing to pay for the tickets. I love my aunt so much right now.

Other Other Other news (a lot is happening to me)
At the tech center where i take video production they have this thing called Skills USA. I was told the other day that they wanted me to run for state office along with a really cool guy from the computer networking class. But to be eligible they gave us a stack of paperwork and to big workbooks that hhad to be completed. I looked at the guy and back at the paperwork and claimed that my hands were going to fall off at this rate. He laughed and agreed. I decided that i would never become an adult because it had too much paperwork involved.