Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hairspray Video and Pictures

So our stage manager for Hairspray made a video of all of us
you should all go check it out :D
you only see me a few times in it
i'm the girl with the headphones at :20 and 2:59 in my costume :P
and here are some pictures that i took:
                                                              This was my first costume
                                                           I feel Penny's mom behind me :P
My friend in her druggie costume for Big Doll House
My friend was the Druggie and I was the Hooker (or "Tart" as we liked to call her)
We make such a good pair of criminals

We got photo bombed :P

Group shot at the cast and crew party

All my friends hanging out in the dressing room

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sims 3 Birthday Disaster (Hairspray)

So as i mentioned before i got Sims 3 for Christmas. And i've been on it almost everyday since. Now in one of my games the couple i had made had triplets. Three beautiful little girls named Charity, Helen, and Natalie.
Now it was time for their birthday in which they would become toddlers. I had the dad holding Helen and about to blow out the candles when the table caught on fire from the cakes :O . The entire family was there and their grandfather, being awesome, extinguished the flames. But then i noticed the father's butt was on fire and he was still holding Helen. I was basically yelling at him to put the baby down. And by the time he did he just burst into ash and died. Right there. In front of all his family. Now everyone's crying and the grim reaper came and put him into his grave. After that all i could think of was that the little girls would never remember their father, they'd walk around crying "I never knew my father" :'(.
So i waited until they grew up to be children and decided that was long enough and that the mom needed to move on. So i made another family with a guy in it and i made them meet and start flirting. But then she's suddenly accussed of being a cheater. That night the father's ghost shows up and i checked their relationship status. Apparently they were engaged :O .
That's when cheats became very helpful. I managed to end the relationship between ghost daddy and the mom and make the other guy accept the mom. Now the triplets are teenagers and I'm thinking of adding another addition to this rapidly growing family.

On to other news :)

At our school we're putting on Hairspray. This involved severeal months of spending everyday after school and every Saturday rehearsing our butts off until we hated the songs. But now it's all worth it. Thrusday was our opening night and as a way to advertise it to the school at the end of each class we would perform a few numbers for the school. To do this we also all wore our costumes to school as well.
I was just in the ensemble but i was also one of the few that got to say lines. Because i played the gym teacher and the hooker :P. Two parts that made everyone look at me funny when they asked what part i had :P.
They are really fun to play but the only problem because in Welcome to the 60's i'm one Pinky's workers that helps Edna (who is played by a guy) get changed. And right afterward is the dodgeball scene where i need to change my entire costume. So unlike the other Pinky workers i don't some back out after changing Edna. I instead run for my life and go change into my next costume. And it was just last night with the help of my friend that i got on that stage without gasping for air.
The show has become an even bigger success than High School Musical (the school did that show the year before i became a freshman). We've gotten standing ovations evernight and tonight is our last show. After the show we're going to clean up and then go out for pizza for the cast and crew party.

And other other news :)

My aunt told me last week that our tickets for Wicked finally came in. We're going to be sing it in March when it comes to her town. I'm going to be spending the weekend at her house and it's going to be amazing. I've wanted to see that show for years but my mom was never willing to pay for the tickets. I love my aunt so much right now.

Other Other Other news (a lot is happening to me)
At the tech center where i take video production they have this thing called Skills USA. I was told the other day that they wanted me to run for state office along with a really cool guy from the computer networking class. But to be eligible they gave us a stack of paperwork and to big workbooks that hhad to be completed. I looked at the guy and back at the paperwork and claimed that my hands were going to fall off at this rate. He laughed and agreed. I decided that i would never become an adult because it had too much paperwork involved.