Saturday, February 11, 2012

Playing Darts (and Babysitting)

So tonight my dad pulled out our old dart board that we hadn't seen in a very long time. Now i know why it went missing for all that time.
Dad asked if i wanted to play and i got it handed to me because i have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to darts. In one round i managed to make two stick to the wall and the last one broke into thirds. Dad won, no surprise there.
Then my little brother came down and i played against him. Not the best idea to have two kids who don't know what they're doing throw darts. I won the first round. He won the second. We laughed the entire time while playing because we both know we suck. But we could tell dad was getting a little angry because we managed to break another 3 darts.
In the last round we were sharing two darts. Then my brother threw one and managed to break it as well. But he managed to put it back together even though it was then loose and kept falling apart when we threw it really hard. We made a joke and said we had one dart and a handicapped dart, or 1 1/2 darts. My brother and i then made a bet about who was going to break it. My brother then started talking smack about how he was winning......threw the dart......and broke it. I looked at him, coughed, and then said "handicap," and it sent everyone over the edge. My dad hadn't laughed the entire game and turned to me smiling and said, "i know right? He's talking smack and then he blows it up." Then i went and won the game :P
My brother was sitting there in shock yelling "REALLY?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!" and he left the garage. I followed ahortly afterwards because my dad said it was time to take a break, and as soon as i opened the door my brother tried to throw a pillow at me. We started out with 6 darts......and ended with 1.......That dart board is going to suddenly disappear on us again for another 10 or so years in order to save the darts

And earlier today my cousins came over. They were as good as 2 and 4 year olds can be, wrestling each other, taking out a bunch of board games and leaving them for me to pick up, climbing on our grandmother. My dad and i basically were able to keep them down by constantly playing movies on Netflix and making them sit and watch.
They were good up until my mom came home from work and decided to show them that it had started snowing outside. Then Mckayla suddenly burst into tears saying she wanted her mommy. Her mommy was at a gun show for the day and wouldn't be back for another 2 hours. I managed to make her stop crying by letting her watch the Phineas and Ferb movie, and that held her down until her mom picked them up.
Then when she did show up my mom grabbed Coleman and told him that he had to stay with us and wouldn't let him go. This made him start to cry and at this point I was telling mom to stop making the kids cry.
I looked at my aunt and told her she still hadn't paid me. My mom before had tried to convince her that my aunt shouldn't have to pay family, but my aunt had offered to pay me in the first place and my dad and i weren't complaining. My aunt came up to hug me, and while secretly slipping a 20 into my hand she said that she'll gice me the rest when i go to her house next month to see Wicked with her. I hadn't really expected more than a 20 so i was happy to hear that.
Then as soon as they all left the entire family basically joined in one big collapse onto the couch. I love my cousins and everything but have the time i can't understand what they're saying and they have the strange habit of trying to sit on each other which makes one of them scream and cry :P

Friday, February 10, 2012


So i went to compete at Forensics again this year. And before you get it confused, it is not like CSI, it's a speech competition. This year i decided to compete in poetry as to avoid the mishap last year (see previous posts to know what i'm talking about). I decided to do the poem The Imaginary Court by M Alice LeGrow (you can find it online if you want to read it).

So it was all fun like last year, except we played different games. We even played this one game called "Honey, I Love You," where you walk to someone and you say that and you try to get them to smile. Some of the things that people would do to try to get them to smile were ridiculous. One really tall guy tried to jump into the arms of someone who had their arms crossed and ended up falling on his face.

We went to the awards ceremony and once again i didn't place, but one of the girls that i'd befriended won first place so i was happy for her. When it ended i told her congrats. Then i turned around.........and everyone from my school was gone.....i walked outside, and saw a bus driving away....Apparently they never did any sort of attendance or anything to make sure everyone was on the bus

I was put on another bus and they switched me back to the right bus when we stopped at Arby's. But as we were walking towards the bus my tescher asked me why i wasn't on the bus. She made it sound like i had done it on purpose and it was my fault that i was left behind......Let's just say i no longer like her very much

So it's been a few weeks and now I'm getting ready for yet another competition coming up soon and tomorrow I get to babysit my cousins for the day. Love 'em to death, but eventually i'm just waiting for them to go home so i don't have to keep them from wrestling all over the furniture :P (thank god i'm getting paid)
wish me luck