Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games (Madge Should Have Her Own Book)

So our school just had a four day weekend. On Thursday i was talking to my old english teacher about reading The Hunger Games book before going to see the movie on Monday (a bunch of the kids from my school were going at the same time as a sort of field trip (only we had to have our own transportation :P)). I ended up coming up with the argument that sometimes you have to read the book in order to fully understand the movie (ex: Sorceror's Apprentice ended up being a really crappy movie because they explained nothing and it jumped everywhere). The teacher let me borrow one of the books (she had a pile of them because the freshmen had to read it as an assignment) and i challenged myself to finish before Monday. I got the book Thursay.........and finished it Friday night XP.
I really loved the movie except for two things.
1) They didn't have the giant dogs be engineered from the other competitors. The dogs were their but that's all they were......giant dogs :P. That would have been really cool and people who haven't read the book could have figured it out. But apparently people are morons and they can't put 2 and 2 together.
2) They took Madge out. For those who haven't read the book, she's the mayor's daughter who gave the mockingjay pin to Katniss. They took her out entirely and had Katniss give it to Prim before the reaping  (which kind of gave me a giggle because Katniss said nothing bad would happen to her when she wore it and then she was chosen :P) and then Prim gave it back when they said their goodbyes. I ended up getting into this heated discussion with my friend after the movie because my friend didn't think Madge was important. My comeback was that when Eclipse came out, everyone made a big deal about Bree Tanner and she wasn't important either (all she did was die :P). A nearby girl looked at me and told me that Bree had her own book and I just shouted out "Well maybe Madge should have her own book then! I'm going to call the author and ask her to write a book about Madge!" Basically I was just being silly but apparently Madge is important in the third or second book (haven't read them yet) and if they make the next movies then their either going to have to put her in or rewrite the story.

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