Saturday, March 10, 2012

Really Good Week (Even Though It Should Have Been Bad)

So this is the day i go to see Wicked finally :D. But before i could go see it i had to take two SOLs and a chemistry test. Not fun. But even though the week should have taken forever and should have sucked, it was pretty good.
Monday: It started snowing while we were at school. The school decided not to let us go to the Tech Center, so we were put in the lecture room. They let me go to the library and i stayed there and read for the rest of the afternoon.
Tuesday: I had the multiple choice portion of my writing SOL this day. After school, my aunt took me to the movies with her boyfriend to see The Secret World of Arrietty. Cutest. Movie. Ever. The theater was almost empty except for us and a group of kids behind us. The best part of the whole thing was the commercials that they show as you're waiting for the movie to start. At one point it said to locate the emergency exit and i stood up and shouted "it's over there!" My aunt's boyfriend then said that it now suddenly felt like a rerun of Dora the Explorer :P. And that was the only trivia question i got right :P.
Wednesday: Took my chemistry test in the morning. It was easier than i thought it was but it made me paranoid because in the middle of the multiple choice i had nothing but straight Bs. And that's the grade i got so i was content.
Thursday: The writing portion of my SOL. I thought i was about to die because of the dead silence. The prompt was pretty easy to write about so it wasn't as hard as it could have been. In my video production class we watched The Help, so i didn't have to learn anything all day.
Friday: ........Nothing really happened this day, other than after school i drove with my aunt to Norfolk to spend the weekend with my other aunt.
Now it's Saturday and my aunt went out to help her friend pick out a cat :P. I thought it was going to be a hassle (especially since my cousins woke me up at 6 am) but as soon as my aunt left my younger cousin went up to his room and passed out. The older one helped me make cupcakes and then we had grilled cheese for lunch and now she's taking her nap. I just thought it was funny that while their mom is away........the kids will pass out in their rooms :P. And tonight my aunt and i are going out to eat Korean for dinner (because we love asian food) and then we are going to see Wicked FINALLY!!!

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