Monday, April 30, 2012

Prom 2012 (And Boys Worse Than Elementary Kids)

So my junior prom was this Saturday. I ended up wearing the same dress i wore last year but i didn't really care :P

This was me and some of the people in my group that i hung out with (I'm second from the left)
My sister curled my hair for me and pulled it back with this pretty black flower :D
The night was really fun and we got to go to dinner before-hand. I showed up to the restaurant 10 minutes early, and my friends showed up 10 minutes late so i ended up spending 20 minutes sitting at this big table by myself :P Eventually the waitress gave me a bread bowl and some water and said that if she didn't give me something then she was going to get fired :P The first person finally showed up and ordered a water. Then my friend showed up and ordered a water too......then the twins showed and both ordered a water too. The last person finally came and ordered a Sprite XP (you thought i was going to say water, didn't you) I finally cracked and asked for a Coke, because i was going to die if i didn't get some caffeine in me. I had waited to order my food until everyone arrived so i wouldn't be the only one eating. My food came with a soup and almost 5 seconds later it came out and i ended being the only one eating anyway XP
Once we finished dinner my friend drove me to prom (but my mom thinks it was my friend's mom so its hush hush :P) And i soon found out that my friend has no parking skills whatsoever. Then the rest of the girls tried to park their van in the spot next to us and almost hit both our car and the red truck in front of them that apparently not gone far enough in. It was like watching a slow motion crash :P
All in all it was a really fun night :D

Now for the last few days in my video production class we've had elementary kids come in so we could show them what we do. And this became the perfect opportunity for a certain Matt to get even more annoying than usual. Now usually he would just try to make bad jokes and then insult me when i didn't laugh. Before the kids had even arrived he walked into the room and asked when the brats were coming.
Today i was helping out the kids that would be in front of the camera. One little boy kept swinging back and forth in his chair and wasn't looking at the camera when he talked. As i was telling him not to do that Matt walks up and starts telling me to stop crushing the boy's creativity..........i was helping the boy become a better news anchor and Matt was telling me to stop.
Then in the next group these two girls had these cute hats that they had made in another class. I told them they were cute that they should wear them when they recorded. The girls thought it would be cool and put them on. Matt comes running along and starts telling me to not force them to wear the hats. That they don't have to wear them and i shouldn't force them........i wasn't forcing them to do anything and the girls wanted to wear them.
I finally told Matt to leave me alone and to go do his job instead of trying to boss me around. Now, Matt is already an unattractive guy, but the devil look he gave me then made him really ugly.
Now Matt, for some reason, knows my next door neighbor from summer camp or something and has been talking to her about me behind my back. And she's told me what he says. Apparently he thinks that i suck up to the teacher and i'm no fun. If sucking up to the teacher means that i talk to her and like her and she helps me when it comes to competitions, then yes, i'm a suck up :P And if his version of fun means jeapordizing someone else's work, insulting them and then bitching to other people about them, then yes, i'm no fun. But at no point did i ever claim otherwise.