Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye Junior Year

Today was my last day of school and i a now officially a senior. It's funny how when you're a kid it seems like these things are a million years away, but these past few years have just flown by. A lot of things have happened to me this past school year.
I got to be on the morning announcements
I got to take video production at the tech center (which i've wanted to do since middle school)
I went to competition and placed 1st at states for my radio psa
I got to go see my first broadway musical, Wicked, with my aunt
I went to Japanese school over the summer and met all of these new friends that i miss like crazy
I finally took my SAT and spent the day in Washington D.C. with my mom by going to a spy museum (this was actually just last weekend :P )

Next year is going to be awesome because being a senior comes with all of these privileges and these events that only seniors can go to. But its also gonna be hard because i finally have to decide what colleges i want to go to, apply to them, and then look for scholarships because my mom's made it clear that there is no money in the bank for me to go to college.

But on the bright side.....I got a new laptop today :)
I brought my broken one to the computer networking teacher at the tech center to be looked at and he said that it would cost double what its worth to fix it. But a few days ago he came up to me and said that he had a laptop that his class had just finished putting back together that i could have :D. It's not the same model that i had (....actually, it's one of the school laptops :P) but its a computer and i won't have to fight my brother over the computer anymore.

On another bright side :P here's a stop motion video that i made in my video production class
It's really short but it took me three days to film and then another few day to edit. Hope you like it