Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back From Vacation

So I'm officially back from my vacation. I say vacation, but really it just means I was forced to spend time with relatives that live in the middle of nowhere. And the real meaning of that is I would go missing for several hours at a time to read books that I had brought with me.
The ride up to visit them could have gone better because for the first hour or two i had to sit in the back of my dad's truck because he needed another person in order to be able to go into the HOV lane on the highway. And that person was unfortunately me. I was crammed into a child's seat and the passenger seat was pushed back so I had no room for my feet. By the time we finally stopped at a gas station I could no longer feel my legs :P. The rest of the trip up was fine because I was able to switch to my mom's car and we laughed all the way down (They drove in separate vehicles because 1) there were too many people to put into one car and 2) My parents would have killed themselves because neither of them can handle sitting in the  passenger seat).
Our first stop was to our great aunt's house for our annual 4th of July picnic (we had it early this year as a precaution in case I ended up going to another summer program). There were too many people under the age of 14 in that house. And they all fought with each other. The first day we got there my aunt gave me authority to punish anyone while she and a few others went to the store. During that time one of the older boys got a hold of my phone and wouldn't put it down. My aunt has a paddle in the kitchen to I went over and picked it up and he dropped the phone so fast I thought he had broken it :P. There was a younger boy there that thought it would be fun to try to mess with my while I was trying to play a video game. He came up and slapped me on the butt in front of everyone and then tried to kick me. But he didn't get very close before I lightly nudged him and he face planted in the middle of the living room.
The other stop on our family vacation didn't have as many "kids." I use the quotation marks because there were more adults, but they acted like children. One of my aunts tried to mess with me in front of everyone so I reminded her of the time she got so drunk that she started singing Hey There Delilah. And Hey There Delilah were the only words of the song she got right :P.
Now that I'm home I can catch up on everything I missed while I was starved of civilization, and that means drooling over the first chapter of the new Skulduggery Pleasant book that was released :P