Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of Senior Year (Sunburn)

So today was my first day of senior year. It was also my brother's first day of freshman year. The school has basically changed everything about our school and the seniors (including me) are suffering the most because of it. Seniors used to be allowed to leave to go to lunch or at the end of the day 2 minutes early. Gone. They also changed the way the schedule works so now everyone has to have a mandatory "Pride Time" (study hall) that no one wants and it makes no sense whatsoever.
Around third block an announcement comes on that we are not allowed to leave our classrooms. About twenty minutes later another announcement comes on that we have to go outside and sit in the football stadium. We go out and the entire school is sitting on the bleachers and it's getting hotter and hotter and no one is telling us what is going on. Some of the students just start walking around and going to the bathroom. So now no one is allowed to go to the bathroom and an announcement was made several times for students to go back to their seats. They start providing water for us but now more students are getting up and walking around. We were told that we would be called up by class to get water, but by the time they got to our class they had run out of cups. They even went and made an announcement for us to stop contacting our parents because the police were blocking the school entrances and they weren't letting anyone through (still not telling what was going on). We spent the rest of the day sitting in the hot sun (and I was wearing black skinny jeans). By the time we were put on the bus to go home my face was red and hurting and I was so thirsty. It wasn't until we were on the bus that we found out that apparently someone had texted a student saying that there was a bomb in the school.
I'm finally home and I'm putting on aloe and trying not to think how I resemble a lobster.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Skulduggery Pleasant KOTW (My Dad Reminds Me of Ron White)

The new Skulduggery Pleasant book comes out in less than two weeks and the period of harassing my mother has begun. I walked into my parent's bedroom to tell them that I was going to need more retainer cleaner soon (I've learned over the years to warn them ahead of time or else my retainer is disgusting for several days :P). I look at what they're watching and it's the spanish soap opera channel (my dad watched it so he can ad-lib what he wants the people to say (and automatically I think of that one joke by Ron White (see bottom of page for video)))
As I'm talking to them I remind them that the next Skulduggery Pleasant book is coming out soon. As I'm following my mom out of the room she says "I'll make a deal with you. If you go and put the laundry in the dryer when it's done and fold it, I'll order that book for you." I agree, of course, because I don't think my mom realizes the value of the Skulduggery Pleasant books. And if I inform her on their value then she's going to make me do more crap to earn the book :P. Now the day it gets released I'm going to chase her down until she orders it and then I'll be stalking Amazon.com and the mailman until it arrives

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Impossible Question

Ok, so I don't really have anything to blah blah blah about today :P
But I found this picture on Facebook a few minutes ago
How could you ever pick between the two???? But I came up with the solution.
I wouldn't either of them and would instead pick "I'm Skulduggery Pleasant." Because whenever people ask me about the Skulduggery Pleasant books I say "It's basically a mash up of Harry Potter and Doctor Who." And if they ask me what Doctor Who is I slap them with a book :P

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fortune Cookies and Gay Movies

Today when my mom got home  she asked me if I wanted chinese food for dinner (I don't know why she had to ask because I always do :P). She tosses me the car keys and we go to the restaurant and order our food. While we're waiting we walk a few stores over to look at movies to check out. There was nothing there that I was interested in so mom rented two movies and we went and picked up our food. While we were paying for the food mom asked if she could also have four sodas and the woman at the counter gave them to her for free. As we're driving back home, mom's looking through the bag and realized that the woman didn't give us fortune cookies. That is my mom's favorite part of the meal and it made her grumpy for the rest of the meal. I think the only reason we got the sodas for free was because they were out of fortune cookies :P.
After dinner we headed downstairs to watch the movies. The first one mom put in was called Chat Room. The beginning of it was a little strange because it started out with this teenage boy sitting near a computer making this little person out of clay. I looked at my mom and said "he's making friends." Her reply was that she thought that was something I would do -_- It turns out he was making a stop motion video with the clay person and my mom said that I should do something like that, but I don't have the attention span for that :P.
We got about five minutes into it before mom mentions that I like this movie. When we ask why she says "cause this movie's gay".......We just kind of looked at her for a second and then I said "wow" (which we found out is a woman's way of saying "I can't believe someone could be so stupid :P). I thought it was a little bit funny because I'm bisexual and yet she picked out a gay movie :P. She took out the movie, handed it to me, and told me to go watch it upstairs. And that's what I'm going to do once I finish up here.

Oh, and for those it may concern, I finally got my mom to reschedule those college visits I had to miss last weekend. But they've been rescheduled so that I have to wait for another month and a half or so, so :P. My mom was actually asking me if I was allowed to miss school to go college visiting and I just kind of gave her a look. Because it would make it easier for her, and yet it would affect my attendance record and I would have to go and make up all of the work that I missed.........

Friday, August 3, 2012

Disappointment (It Sucks)

So my mom and I had planned to do 2 things this weekend: go to an open house at an art institute and visit an all girls college. Well, not anymore. My dad, for some reason, didn't get paid today, even thought he's been doing overtime every weekend for the past month. Since he didn't get paid my mom can't pay the bills right now and we don't even have enough money to put gas in the car. So my plans are shot.
My mom keeps saying that we will be able to visit both places, just not this weekend.......This was the only weekend we had time to visit either of those places. Because in a few weeks my 4 and 6 year old cousins are going to be staying with us and school will be starting. Once they're here and school starts there will be no way on earth to be able to go anywhere for a long time. And I wanted to visit the schools before it became time to apply because then it's too late to still be looking at schools. The art institute we can visit any weekend so it's not that big of a deal, but the girls college is only open during the week and I'll have school and my relatives and before school starts one of my mom's coworkers is going on vacation so she can't get away during then.
As you can imagine, this was really disappointing to me because I'd been planning this for a while. First I cried. Then I tried to contact the schools to cancel, but they had already closed for the night. Then I went and took a long shower with Celine Dion blasting through the radio (because I like her music). Once I dried off and got dressed I went and made some cranberry muffins. Because nothing tastes better than muffins filled with disappointment :P. And I know that it isn't the end of the world, but it still hurts and it's made it very difficult when it comes to decisions about my college future since I can't visit them.