Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of Senior Year (Sunburn)

So today was my first day of senior year. It was also my brother's first day of freshman year. The school has basically changed everything about our school and the seniors (including me) are suffering the most because of it. Seniors used to be allowed to leave to go to lunch or at the end of the day 2 minutes early. Gone. They also changed the way the schedule works so now everyone has to have a mandatory "Pride Time" (study hall) that no one wants and it makes no sense whatsoever.
Around third block an announcement comes on that we are not allowed to leave our classrooms. About twenty minutes later another announcement comes on that we have to go outside and sit in the football stadium. We go out and the entire school is sitting on the bleachers and it's getting hotter and hotter and no one is telling us what is going on. Some of the students just start walking around and going to the bathroom. So now no one is allowed to go to the bathroom and an announcement was made several times for students to go back to their seats. They start providing water for us but now more students are getting up and walking around. We were told that we would be called up by class to get water, but by the time they got to our class they had run out of cups. They even went and made an announcement for us to stop contacting our parents because the police were blocking the school entrances and they weren't letting anyone through (still not telling what was going on). We spent the rest of the day sitting in the hot sun (and I was wearing black skinny jeans). By the time we were put on the bus to go home my face was red and hurting and I was so thirsty. It wasn't until we were on the bus that we found out that apparently someone had texted a student saying that there was a bomb in the school.
I'm finally home and I'm putting on aloe and trying not to think how I resemble a lobster.

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