Friday, August 10, 2012

Fortune Cookies and Gay Movies

Today when my mom got home  she asked me if I wanted chinese food for dinner (I don't know why she had to ask because I always do :P). She tosses me the car keys and we go to the restaurant and order our food. While we're waiting we walk a few stores over to look at movies to check out. There was nothing there that I was interested in so mom rented two movies and we went and picked up our food. While we were paying for the food mom asked if she could also have four sodas and the woman at the counter gave them to her for free. As we're driving back home, mom's looking through the bag and realized that the woman didn't give us fortune cookies. That is my mom's favorite part of the meal and it made her grumpy for the rest of the meal. I think the only reason we got the sodas for free was because they were out of fortune cookies :P.
After dinner we headed downstairs to watch the movies. The first one mom put in was called Chat Room. The beginning of it was a little strange because it started out with this teenage boy sitting near a computer making this little person out of clay. I looked at my mom and said "he's making friends." Her reply was that she thought that was something I would do -_- It turns out he was making a stop motion video with the clay person and my mom said that I should do something like that, but I don't have the attention span for that :P.
We got about five minutes into it before mom mentions that I like this movie. When we ask why she says "cause this movie's gay".......We just kind of looked at her for a second and then I said "wow" (which we found out is a woman's way of saying "I can't believe someone could be so stupid :P). I thought it was a little bit funny because I'm bisexual and yet she picked out a gay movie :P. She took out the movie, handed it to me, and told me to go watch it upstairs. And that's what I'm going to do once I finish up here.

Oh, and for those it may concern, I finally got my mom to reschedule those college visits I had to miss last weekend. But they've been rescheduled so that I have to wait for another month and a half or so, so :P. My mom was actually asking me if I was allowed to miss school to go college visiting and I just kind of gave her a look. Because it would make it easier for her, and yet it would affect my attendance record and I would have to go and make up all of the work that I missed.........

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