Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bad Days

So the day starts out with me having to go buy a new agenda in the school office. Every student is given an agenda and they are basically our "hall pass" if we need to go anywhere in the school. Mine had gone missing sometime in the last two days and I knew I would need it to go see one of my teachers later in the day. So I go and pay the $5 for a replacement and I'm fine.
The first block of the day I student aide in the library. I help out the librarians and I finish any last minute work that I need to do. The night before I had e-mailed myself an essay that was due at the end of the day to print off. I go to my e-mail and..........there is no attachment to the e-mail. I go and call up my sister and mother to see if they are still at home to send it to me; but unfortunately they have both left for work at this point.
So I walk down to the teacher's classroom to tell her about this. She takes one look at me and hands me the agenda that I had been missing. I thank her and tell her my situation. She then goes into this big shpeel which basically comes down to it is not her problem and it is my responsibility. By the end of her monologue I am in tears.
I go back to the library and one of the librarians sees me and asks me if my mom would be ok with her driving me to my house to get my laptop (the computer that the essay is on). I call my mom up and she gives the ok (she actually asked me if it was legal for the librarian to take me out of the school, to which I said "i have no idea). We get my laptop and get back to school and I'm about 15 minutes late for my next class. One of the librarians says that she has already contacted my teacher and I just need to get a pass.
At our school we have this mandatory study hall called "Pride Time." The only way we can go see a teacher is if they request us ahead of time on this website. I had arranged with my photojournalism teacher to come in to finish a project that is due tomorrow. My teacher goes and checks the website but I haven't been requested and my teacher won't call the photojournalism teacher to ask if i can go. I'm in tears again because, really, I have no idea how this project is going to get done (I was actually supposed to do this yesterday but we had run out of one of the chemicals so i couldn't develop pictures, so I was supposed to come in again today to do it).
At the end of the block I go down to the classroom and ask why I wasn't on the list. Apparently something had gone wrong with the website or something because my photojournalism teacher was positive that he had requested me. He checks but my name is still not on there. He then asks if I could stay after school (which i can't) or if I can come in during Pride Time tomorrow (which I can't because I already have plans for that day). He then says that it'll be ok and I'll be able to turn the work in and not get deducted points on it (much more understanding than my other teacher :P).
So lunch comes around and I go to the library and print off my essay and the rest of the school day is fine. I walk up to my teacher and tell her that I got the essay and her reply is "that's good....for you."
I found that last comment a little unnecessary, wouldn't you say so?
But all in all the essay crisis was dealt with and my other project will get done somehow and I feel so much better now then how I was feeling this morning.

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