Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My First Job

So on the second day of school I went to a job interview at the farm near my house. They offer seasonal employment for the harvest festival-they have a corn maze, pumpkin picking, etc... This is a group interview and we play games with each other that demonstrate character and then we sit in different groups and are asked some questions. I applied here last year but sadly I was not offered a job.
One of the first things we had to do was play a type of bingo game where you had to ask people if they had ever done something, and if they had to have them sign one of the squares (I felt really bad because none of the questions applied to me). One of the owners of the farm noticed me asking someone to sign and commented on how polite I was (I made sure to say please and thank you), which made me feel like I was doing well.
One of the games we had to play was we were given foam noodles and tape and we had to build the tallest structure possible (without anything holding it up). My group barely won by an inch and as a reward we were given free plastic pig noses and took a picture with them on in front of our structure. When I was taking off the nose I commented on how my breath stank and one of the managers laughed and commented how I was funny.
After that we sat down to the interview portion of the evening. The manager from before came up and asked us if we had ever been to an interview like this before. I said yes and explained that I had applied there the year before. The woman looked at me for a second in confusion and asked if I had been hired, which I said unfortunately no. She then went on to explain how there had been nearly 300 applicants last year and they only ever hired 150 people to work. She then went on to say how there were only a little over 100 applicants this year (which in my head I was saying "YYYYYEEEESSSSS, a higher chance of me getting hired" :P).
After the interview was over I was sitting outside with one of the other possible employees about my age waiting for our rides to get here. Somehow in the interview the topic of anime came up and we were both comparing which ones we had seen and which were our favorites. All in all I felt that I had given the best impression that I could have.
As my mom and sister were taking me home they finally asked how much do they pay. I told them it was about $8.25 and my sister did a double take. She has two jobs and has been working at one of them for months and I'd be getting better pay than she does at either of her jobs. The only real downside of my job is we have to wear overalls :P

Well today I went to check my e-mail and found a message from the farm................They offered me a job!!! :D It was a good thing I was home alone at the time because my jumping up and down would have made someone very angry. I went onto Facebook to share the good news and saw that one of my friends was also hired as well. This has been some very good news :D

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