Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Real Friends (And My Couch Phone)

So a group of my friends were planning on gathering at someone's house and do each other's hair before the Homecoming Dance. Last week the girl who's house we're going to (Heather) asked me if I wanted to go. I said yes and she asked what time I could come over and that she would send me her address through Facebook.
Yesterday I'm sitting with her and two others (Allision and Stephanie) at lunch. Heather has this big smile on her face and says that she has something to tell, but it's not good news. She and Allison then go back and forth "you tell her""no you tell her""i don't want to tell her, you do it""no you." Finally Stephanie says she'll do it sine she's a third party and has no interest in the subject. Stephanie then looks at me and says that they don't want me to go to the event before Homecoming. Allison then goes on to explain that I had overheard a conversation about it and assumed that I was invited too. She also said that they wanted to give me a head's up so that I would have time to find another group of friends to hang out with.All the while Heather has this big smile on her face (because she's an idiot).
On the outside I say "sure, no problem." On the inside I'm frustrated that they 1) couldn't just tell me and had to force someone else to break the bad news and 2) that they say that I assumed and invited myself along. Heather asked me if I wanted to come, I even have a witness (Mikayla) who can prove that is what happened. Heather then went and said that she would tell me where her house is and asked what time I get off work so I could come over. That is not "assuming" anything, that is being led on and it pisses me off that they would accuse me of that. That can also be considered a form of bullying and I could report them for it (but I won't because I'm a good person and I don't want to be around them anyway if that is how they are going to act).
Today during lunch I told Mikayla what happened and she was just as angry as I was (and as angry as everyone else I told what happened). Mikayla was planning on going with them as well and I was even going to go over to her house on Friday to do a "dry run" on what we were going to do. When I finished telling her the story she said "you know what, screw it. You can come over to my house and I'll do your hair there. I can have my mom try to do my hair or something but that is so mean what they did to you."
So my plans were made, then canceled, and then rescheduled with someone who really is a great friend. I personally love Mikayla even more now because she decided that she would rather hang out with me than with people who would make up stories to get rid of someone. And everyone I've told this has said that I need to find a new group of friends. I don't need new friends, I just need to get rid of the bad ones. I have so many people that I claim are my friends but then they pull stuff like this, or exclude me in some way. But I also have those few people who will stick by me and I value them a lot more than all those other fake friends.

So yesterday after I got home from the library, I noticed that my phone was missing. I looked around the house a bit but couldn't find it. I waited a bit and then tried looking again. I even tried messaging my grandmother to see if I left my phone in her car (she was the one who took me to the library). But she didn't have it and I couldn't find it anywhere.
Suddenly I heard this ringing coming from the living room. It was coming from around the couch. I moved the couch and looking under the couch cushions but the phone wasn't there. It then dawned on me to press my hand along the bottom of the couch and I felt this little rectangular shape pressing against the bottom of it. My cell phone :P. Somehow it had slipped through this tiny opening between where the couch cushion goes and where the arm rest connects and fell inside the couch.
After about half an hour of trying to get my hand through the opening to reach my phone, my younger brother came in and flipped the couch onto it's back so we could see the bottom. We then noticed that there was a little opening in the bottom fabric and slipped the phone out through there. This has been, by far, the weirdest  place for me to find my phone :P