Sunday, November 4, 2012

Employee Party

Today was the last day of the fall festival at the plantation that I work at. They closed early today and the employees had a party and got to play. We all headed down to the pig races (where I would work) for the opening statement and a pig race. I sat down in the audience next to the boy who made balloon animals (Alex) and Ian (my boss) came up to us. He said that I had to come help with the race, to which my response was "I didn't come here to work." He said he'd give me a pig nose if I did it (the prize that kids get for winning the pig races, but I already have one so I said no (everyone around us is watching this go down). He then offered a bag of kettle corn instead, I contemplated it, and said ok. So I went down to get ready and I saw one of the people I'd met at the job interview (Charlotte) and some new people (Rebecca,Christine,Christine's Mom). I did the show and they sent us off (and I got my kettle corn, which was a HUGE bag (my mom was very happy when I got home :P)). I wonder how I had managed to work the entire season and not met such awesome people.
Everyone headed over to the grille to eat and I ended up in the line with my new acquaintances, and some old people that I used hang out with during my breaks (Nicole and Keith, who I learned recently are the mom and stepdad of my brother's friend. They didn't know who I was either, so the awkwardness was mutual). I quickly learned Keith has a bit of a dirty mind. There were two kinds of hot dogs offered to eat, long ones and short ones. I got the short one and behind me Keith got the large one. I heard him mutter something about "overcompensating for something'to himself, I froze, and turned around slowly to face him. He realized that I'd heard and burst out laughing and I continued on :P.
I sat down with the group of girls and for some reason we kept coming back to the fact that I'm am very short for my age. Several jokes were made, one asking me if I judge friends based height (to that I commented on how I would be friends with a bunch of elementary school kids), but I joined in on the fun so it was all good. At one point we were getting ready to go into the corn maze when Rebecca pulled out a tiny flashlight and said "midget flashlight." To that we locked eyes, waited a moment, and then I said "thank you Rebecca" and started to walk away in mock anger. She realized what she'd said and laughed and attempted to apologize (which doesn't go very well if you're laughing hysterically).
We came up to go into the maze and we met these two boys (who's names I did not learn) that walked in before us. We started following them because we didn't know where to go and they decided to run and hide. We would be running after them and they would scare us. We eventually lost them completely and then we began debating who should lead. Christine had the flashlight, but I had the bag of kettle corn so I was put in charge (if we got left in there for several days, my kettle corn would keep us alive longer than the flashlight :P). Apparently we then began trying to scare each other with tales of someone coming out and eating children in corn mazes, and making each other laugh by yelling out "Look, Corn!!" at random moments.
We eventually made it out and went to the giant slide. The walk up was more of a slide than anything because I almost slipped and took down both myself and Rebecca :P.
We then went over to the giant pillow bounce where we met Alex again. He tried to run off with my kettle corn, but I chased him down and continually punched him in the arm afterwards. He is significantly taller than me so I was a little surprised that I was able to catch him :P. As I was walking back I said "nobody touches momma's corn" :P.
It was all in all a very fun way to end my first job. I've managed to earn more than enough money to pay for my behind the wheel and I've met some awesome new people. All in all a very good experience (other than the times I wanted to kick my boss in the shin (I would hit in the face, but I can't reach that high lol)).