Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve (We Don't Celebrate on Christmas Day)

I am very pleased this year with my Christmas presents. In my family it is a tradition to celebrate on Christmas Eve (I don't remember why, but we do). After dinner we go and sit around the tree as mom passes us our presents. This year she decided she was going to throw our presents at us, and it was our job not to get hit in the face :P.
Yet again most of the things that I got were Nightmare Before Christmas related, because that is the only thing my family knows that I like. Two posters, a pillow case, and a lot of socks :P. I also got other more exciting things, like a new drawing tablet. My first drawing tablet actually and I have not stopped drawing since. My mom was extremely excited because she looked over and saw me hugging my tablet quietly and I told her that I was very pleased with my present (which is a much bigger reaction than last year when she gave me an iPhone and I was just sitting there petting my Pillow Pet).
My grandmother also got me and my siblings the same present. She didn't even label the presents because they were all the same thing. She got all of us Nook tablets. My siblings were much more excited than I was because I had told my mother a few days ago that I never wanted a Nook, or Kindle, or any other reading device because I didn't like reading off of a screen. Later that evening I was going through the store on my tablet and I found out that they had manga on there as well. So I thought.....I could get used to this :P.

And my Christmas isn't even over yet because I ordered a new snow globe off of Amazon that will be coming in a few days. Every year I get a snowglobe for Christmas. This year my mom told me that she was not going to get me the one that I had been asking for because it was a little expensive. But a few days ago I received Christmas money from the grandparents on my dad's side and my mom said that I could buy the snowglobe on my own.

This is what it looks like and it plays "We're Off to See the Wizard"

Also when school is back in session my friend said she is going to give me a late Christmas present. She is doing this because on the last day of school I gave her a bag with candy canes and the Hunger Games DVD inside. I gave her this because a few days before she had given the cutest teddy bear for a late birthday/ early christmas present. So when I gave her my present I thought we would be even, but no, now she is getting me another present :P. My friend and I love each other too much.

And finally, here is one of the drawing I've made with my new drawing tablet (I love this thing)

I like the Little Mermaid :)

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