Wednesday, December 18, 2013

People at Work

So I know that it's been FOREVER since the last time I posted on here (my apologies). But to be fair, not much has happened until recently.

What has been new is that as of last week I am now 19 years old. Another year older, another year I realize that I really didn't do a lot in the past year :/ (Still living at home, still saving up for a car, still working at the same job). My coworkers found out and bought me a cake, but it was one of those store bought cakes with the frosting I think tastes gross, but I didn't have to heart to tell them (especially since one of my coworkers got yelled at by at random lady when she went to pick up the cake). My family enjoyed the cake though, and I had gotten some yummy brownie cake the night before at Red Lobster (I had gone to the bathroom and when I came back a bunch of waiters were around our table to sing me happy birthday)

Recently my mother and I have realized that most of the people I work with are just a bunch of gossipers trying to start drama with stuff that has nothing to do with them. I've realized that my boss does not exactly like me as much as my co-workers, which doesn't really bother me because I am one of the younger employees, and she's the type of person that would get along more with my older sister anyway ( my sister and I have very different tastes in who we socialize with, and frankly I wasn't hired to make friends).

One of my managers (who for the sake of privacy is going to be called "Mary") realized that my mother does not like her and dragged me into the middle of a three day indirect battle between them. "Mary" is almost never happy and kind of acts like a character from Mean Girls. My mom gets worked up every time something happens at work with her and at this point I don't even care ( I don't care if they get along, as long as the work gets done and nobody dies then its gonna be ok).
One of my coworkers (let's call him "John") decided to be entirely and openly rude to me in front of a line of customers last week. I just stared him down and told him that he was being rude. His reply was "you'll get over it." I went into the back room to wait for my ride and "John" came in a few minutes to tell me that he was just joking (I never think this is ok, this is not an apology but a very poor excuse for unacceptable behavior). I told him that I didn't care if he was joking or not, it was not ok and was inappropriate. He then stated that he wasn't going to apologize, which means there was no point in bringing it up at all. He later went on to say that he was sorry if I though he was being rude, even though he wasn't (this is not an apology, this is trying to turn it onto me and make the situation my fault). He then came back in a second time a few minutes later saying "you know, I'm a jackass. I know I'm a jackass. I'm probably the biggest one you'll ever meet; you know, unless you think you're the biggest jackass you'll ever meet." (This, as well, is not an apology, but using a stereotypical personality to make it ok to use that kind of behavior. I don't care what you think of yourself as (jock, prep, bully, nerd, etc.), there is still a level of expectation in place for how you should treat another human being, with some level of respect and basic human decency. It wasn't until an hour later that "John" finally came back for the fourth time and apologized for his inappropriate behavior.
A few days later I was at the register with "Mary" and "John." I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying to each other until "John" turns to me and says, "hey, isn't 'Mary' just so cold and insincere? Just so unfeeling and cold." At this point I turned on him and said "it's really kind of hypocritical for YOU to be saying that considering that you aren't exactly the most sincere guy either." He went on to say that he had no idea what I was talking about and "Mary" turned to me and said "THANK YOU. See, I'm not the only one to tell him this." 

Today at work they were having a christmas party for all the branches in the area at this skating rink. "Mary" came up to me today and offered to give me a ride to the party (which on one hand is really nice, but on the other hand hand I'm just like "I don't like you though" :P). But I accepted and got to meet her three young, and really loud kids. 
This skating rink I had only been to once before when I was younger and it was part gymnasium, part skating rink. Being older now and seeing it I must admit it was disappointing. Places like these are starting to disappear and the ones still around are falling apart and kind of run down. Most of the gymnasium stuff was gone, the roller blades were falling apart, and the walls and floors were bare.
I only knew a few people at the party, but no one that I really liked or cared for. I realized that I'm not really a party person. I like small gatherings with some well known friends, and being around a lot of people that I don't know in a social gathering makes me nervous and lonely.
Considering that all that I had as good of a time as expected, not really something I would really want to do again unless someone I really knew was there. And I also remembered why I only go roller skating once every few years, because my feet really hurt afterwards and I end up with sea legs when I take the skates off :P.

Now to end on a high note, here is an art piece I started working on based on a doodle I found in one of my old sketchbooks:

This is the old sketch:

And here is the remade version I did on my computer:

I'm thinking that I'm going to eventually finish the scales and stuff, but right now I'm happy how it's turning out.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Letting Friends Borrow Books

So there's this girl where I work who's heard of the Skulduggery Pleasant books (actually, when I told her it was my favorite series she said we were sole mates :P). But as is the case with most American fans of this amazing book, she didn't know that there were more than three books. I've been letting her borrow the books to read so she can get caught up. In the meantime I've been waiting for the new book to arrive, along with the small book before it about Tanith Low.
Now my friend has the same unfortunate ability as I do of reading books WAY too fast. Every few days or so she would come up and tell me that she has already finished one of the books. When she finished Mortal Coil I told her that there were only two books left for her to read (I hadn't gotten LSODM yet because the mailing system is really slow), and then she would have to wait even longer after LSODM arrived because I had to read it before she could. The day after I gave her Death Bringer she told me she had only read two pages, to which I laughed because I did not mean for her to read THAT slow (it's a little drastic (I can't even read a book two pages at a time or else I would forget what I'm reading)).
Well two days ago LSODM arrived surprisingly early (thank you mailing system). I messaged my friend and told her the good news, to which she texted back in all caps how excited she was. Well, apparently she got too excited because the next day she messaged me saying how she had finished her current book the night before in all her excitement. To this I literally laughed out loud, told her so and stated that she was screwed because I don't work until Wednesday. She now has to wait three agonizing days to get KOTW, in which time I will have finished the new book (I have been reading like 100+ pages a day).
My mom, knowing how obsessed I am with this series, is now wondering why I've wandered out of my "cave" when I haven't finished the book yet. I have to sometimes force myself to take little brakes because reading for a really long time tends to give me a small headache, even if I really want to keep reading. Oh well, now I'm going back to my own little world, bye bye.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Job (Never Camping Ever Again)

So for the past five weeks I've been working at a boy scout camp to earn some money. Not much fun. If you, or someone you love, ever considers doing this over the summer.....don't. Just don't.
The only way you will ever enjoy this is if you've been doing it for years, or the people there you've known for years. This was not the case for me. You want to talk about feeling like an outsider, this is the perfect example. Everyone there had known each other for years, and my job was running the camp store, so I barely saw anyone anyway.
I actually liked working in the store alone. I don't like being around people every second of the day, and having someone in the store with me would just be annoying. It did make inventory days kind of hard though, because I was alone, but that was the only downside.
It was kind of hard being around people so much. Outside of the store, there is no privacy (there wasn't really any privacy in the store either, because people could always come in at any time, but that's as close to privacy as you would get). Even in the tents that we would sleep in, everyone could hear what you were saying (this would make things extremely awkward when your tent make was the person you would bitch with about the rest of the camp (because the rest of the camp can hear you)). The only time I felt like I was completely alone was when I walked like an hour to the dam and just sat there for an hour.
It wasn't until week four or five that things started to build up.
Coworkers, and people from warehouse, were starting to tell me how to do my job. Telling me that I wasn't acting like a staff member, and starting to give me more jobs than I could handle.
Being the store manager, I was technically one of the admin staff, but I was treated as one of the area directors. But I wasn't an area director because I worked in the store. I was in this vague area where I didn't have any control, no one would listen to me, but I was expected to listen to everyone else.
At the times when I didn't feel I could take it anymore, that I wanted to go home, the admin staff would just tell me to pretend I was happy, because I couldn't let the kids see me upset. They would say that my mom was putting ideas in my head (I would call my mom every few days or so).
My mom decided last weekend to come visit me, to hang out in town and just get away from everyone. This weekend just happened to be during their "Christmas in July" celebration, so they weren't very happy that I wasn't to be there, but it was my day off and they couldn't tell me how to spend it. We went into town, got my laundry done, and bought snacks and stuff at Walmart (what had become the typical day off while at the camp). We then went to the movies to see Despicable Me 2, got pedicures (my feet had become really nasty while at camp), and grabbed some dinner to go at Applebee's. When it was time to go back to the camp, I was feeling much better.
When we got back we found out that me tent mate was going to be working in the store with me (Sure, put the person I already spend a lot of time with in the same building with me ALL DAY LONG! Yeah, I won't end up hating her before the day is out).
I managed to keep it together for the next few days.
This past Tuesday I'd decided that I'd had enough; I wanted to go home. I called my mom up just before the store opened and she said she would be there at around noon. She asked me if I wanted to go talk to my boss before she got there or to wait. I told her I would wait for her to arrive before saying anything.
She showed up right as lunch was ending. As my mom went to talk to my boss, I went to the store to get my belongings.
After lunch I was supposed to go open the store (and because of the lovely suggestion from my new partner, I was going to be open the entire afternoon (I would usually get like an hour break)), and my partner didn't know how to operate the cash register. I went in, told her how to do the basic functions, grabbed my belongings from the store, and walked out (you can bet that not even five minutes later, she had managed to break the computer).
As I was walking out my old teacher walked up to me and basically just started yelling about the big s**t hole I left them in, how I'm acting like a child, blah blah blah.
Let's just say if I never see him again, it'll be too soon. Well, it's all over now, I'm back home, and I now have a job at the gas station that my sister works at down the road that I start sometime next week. Fun times :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Senior Trip and Graduation

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. A lot of stuff has happened since my last post, so here is a short list of what has happened since Districts:

  • Went to States, got 4th in both my competitions
  • Spent the weekend with my aunt, at my other aunt's house. Had an awesome time, ate a LOT of junk food, and it was one of the rare times when a car trip is enjoyable.
  • Went to prom with one of my guy friends from the tech center. Ended up being kind of awkward and I realized that I don't like to dances with dates, just going with my friends is more fun

This is what we looked like (yeah, I know he's super tall)
  • Did a comedy stand-up thing at my senior showcase, and I was actually funny :P
  • Had relatives from my dad's side visit for the weekend, where they basically got drunk and smoked all weekend. It got so bad that they started asking me if I wanted alcohol, so my aunt (from my mom's side) came and got me and we went to Applebee's (got to try their apple chimi thing for the first time, yummy!!)
Now for the most recent stuff:

Last week was my last week of high school. On Wednesday all of the seniors went on the annual senior trip to Hershey Park. It was SUPER fun, especially I don't get to hang out with my friends like that very often (almost never). We traveled there on charter buses (the best way to go) and watched movies the whole time (Footloose!!!!).

Check us out! Hangin' out with a giant piece of chocolate :P

On the way back we watched Wreck it Ralph, to which everyone was super excited. But we got back before we got to finish the movie, right when Ralph destroys Vanellope's car.......worst possible time to end the movie :P

Last Friday was my graduation. About 500 kids in my class. We never cheered harder than the last kid was finally called. Afterwards my parents took me to Applebee's for dinner, where I got another apple chimi thing.

The next day I went to my friend's graduation party, where we realized that Twister is a very messed up game. My friend's butt was in the air, and my face was dangerously close to it. And I couldn't move at all, and couldn't look up without getting nothing but her cheeks in my face (the peanut gallery watching would not stop laughing). At one point I had to put both my right hand and right leg in the air (this is apparently a new version of Twister). I just gave up and tried to push the other girl over :P

I was one of the few people that my friend an actual gift instead of money, because her birthday had also been during that week. I got her Gone With the Wind of DVD, because she is the only other person I know that watches those kind of movies and we always have extremely long conversations on all things Jane Austen, and the like. 

It was just by chance that I was able to get her anything at all because before her party my mother and I were shopping for supplies for my summer job. We were at Old Navy, and next door is a Barnes and Noble store. I grabbed my wallet from my mom and ran next door to the movie section. I remembered my friend telling me that she didn't have GWTW, so I was looking for it. I managed to find it, and it was 50% percent off, so my bank account was also happy (some places were selling this movie for like 40 buck!!).

Now I'm getting ready for my summer job that starts this weekend at a Boy Scout Camp. Should be fun :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


My district competition was yesterday. I one 1st in both of the contests that I'd entered (might be because my group was the only one competing in that category :P). Since I'm the district president, it was my job to present the awards to people. The leadership awards were at 7 and the skills awards were at 7:30. In between there was a guest speaker/judge that I had to introduce.
The beginning went off fine, but when I tried to say that was the end of those awards I forgot the word leadership. I was like "so that's it for the llllll...........," I looked at the person next to me and my mind went blank. The audience eventually figured out what I trying to say and helped me out.
We had ended early but the principal told me to keep going. So I announced the speaker, the applause ended......and the speaker wasn't there XP. I went through the skills awards that I had, but some of the people who were getting awards weren't in the room because we started early. When I went through the awards we sent everyone on a 10 minute break while we waited for the rest of the awards.
When we came back I announced some of them again. I was told to let a woman come up and talk when I reached the fantasy manikin contest. I made it to esthetics and the woman almost came running up to speak. Apparently it was one of the contests that she was giving prizes out to, and I had been misinformed.
I finished up those awards and we had to go on another 10 minute break because some of the contests were still being judged. We came back AGAIN and the guest speaker was finally there. When I finished this round I thought we were finally done, but apparently cosmetics and some computer competition was STILL being judged. I didn't know this so I tried to end it and halfway through my little goodbye speech someone started whispering in my ear and I announced again that some contests weren't done yet. So, you guessed it, ANOTHER 10 minute break.
The last time I came up and started talking I thought that this girl in the front row said "hey, you suck." I turned to her and started getting defensive about having to come up in front of an entire room of people when nothing was done yet. The look on her face was alarmed and kind of scared and she said, "I just said 'hey, what's up?'" I felt really stupid and told her what I had heard her say. The entire front of the audience started laughing and I felt so ridiculous.
So the awards ceremony went one for about an hour longer then it should have. But on the plus side, afterwards I got to go to Sweet Frog to celebrate my win.

When I got home I noticed I had a call from my behind the wheel driver. I had told him that I wouldn't be driving that day because of my competition all week, but somehow he had forgotten. So today when I got into the car I had to explain to him how I did in fact tell him all week, and it was his fault that he was sitting outside my house with no one home.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Days of Strangeness :P

Today was one of those really weird days that at first seem really stressing but then gets really good.
I have a district competition on Friday at the tech center. There is a boy there, Tyler, who is competing with me. Today he came up to me and said that he couldn't come because he has a senior movie day at his high school that he'd promised to go to. I'm not allowed to compete alone. The only other option was for me to join three boys from a different school, and were competing in a different section. This didn't appeal to me very much.
Then my teacher said that she could ask another girl, who just happens to have the same name as me, who might be able to come in and replace Tyler. She goes to Tyler's school and his girlfriend knows her from chorus. We made Tyler text his girlfriend, then text the girl to see if she could come. The only issue was that she wouldn't be able to come in until late into the competition. I was fine with this, because I was ready to do the work on my own anyway, and we were the only people competing in this section.

Later during the same class the entire dental class came into our room. Last week we had to deal with a lot of paperwork stuff for this video contest we're entering. I kept having to go back to the dental class and eventually the teacher got annoyed and snapped at me a little bit. She felt really bad about it and got me this giant balloon to apologize. It was a giant smiley face with a party hat, and it was awesome!!!! Everyone who saw me with the balloon thought that it was my birthday :P
About an hour later I was trying to get a picture taken with my balloon for an art assignment outside in the senior courtyard. The string came loose on the balloon and it flew away. The string was in my hand and the balloon went over the building. My friend was actually more upset than I was when it happened. "First I lose my boyfriend, and then you lose your balloon. This day is just horrible." Then whenever she saw the picture of me and the balloon she would look so depressed and say how she missed the balloon already.

This afternoon I was taking my behind the wheel lesson. There is another boy in the car with me and we had to take him all the way out of town for a competition. Today's lesson was about turning, so of course I ended up on the longest, straightest road in the county :P. We got him out there on time and then I had to drive all the way back to pick up the next group of kids because we were so late. The boys we had to pick up were at a gas station, and my teacher bought me a soda when we got there.

So this day was really out there, but really fun. Now I just have to get through Friday, where I will be running all over the place and trying to get a competition done at the same time. Then I get to host the awards ceremonies (yes, there are multiple awards ceremonies) and try not to crash and burn on Saturday when I go to a lunch with my future college.

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Breaking Point

On Wednesday my photojournalism teacher quit his job......Have you ever met someone that you just know that you can learn a lot from, if you're willing? This teacher was involved in so many things; newspaper, yearbook, journalism, photojournalism, morning announcements, and he was the sponsor for our new film club. And now he's gone and everything's a mess (I know he's not dead, but it feels like it because I'll probably never see him again).
They told us that he left because of family issues. But I think that he just couldn't handle teaching my class anymore. He had the class designed so it was more about what we wanted to do. We could do any project we wanted as long as it had some sort of significance. He wanted us to take interest and love photography.
But the kids that were in my class.....just....didn't care. They never turned their assignments in, they would talk constantly in class, and worst of all they would be downright disrespectful. Everyday our teacher would try to teach us about photography and art, and there would always be this murmuring sound, like rodents scurrying, in the back of the room. During the teacher's lectures they would only become interested in something that had nothing to do with the lesson. One of his lessons was about constructivism, and the only thing they got out of the lesson was that the teacher doesn't like going to Chick fil A.
The teacher would constantly tell us that we need to turn in the work. He would try to make jokes and be sarcastic about how apathetic the students are. He was one of the few teachers that was not afraid to tell us that our generation is doomed to failure unless we change.

One of the girls told me the day he left that during class, instead of writing the photo analysis that had been assigned, she wrote an analysis about his teaching. The way she described it made it seem like it was his fault for her inability to learn. Because he is always talking about how disappointed he is in us.

Yesterday was our first class without him. I was called out of the room to help fix some glitches in the morning announcements room, and this is what I came back to. The students in my class were basically interrogating the substitute; asking him what his girlfriend's ethnicity was and whether or not he believed that marijuana should be legalized. 
There is this one girl in the class, a tall skinny blonde girl, who is the loudest of them all. Another classmate was trying to say something and she started yelling at everyone to be quiet. I couldn't help but say something; "Oh, because you are always polite and quiet when someone is trying to talk.".... The room went cold.... Her response was "I know that you're sad that the teacher left, but get over it. He's gone." The class then went on to say how they were glad the teacher quit. They all hated him because he was "mean" to them and was always "insulting" them (apparently telling them the hard truth is insulting).
The class then realized that I had been out of the room a few minutes ago. Apparently they had all decided that they were all friends now and they played an introduction game. They all went quiet and told me to start talking. But I refused to play their game and I was called "salty" because of it (apparently this was meant to be a burn of some kind).
At that point I realized that the teacher was the only reason I had remained in that class for so long. I went down to the office and asked if it was too late in the year to switch out. I was told that it would be put as a failing grade, an incomplete on my report card, and would go onto my transcript that I dropped the class. My guidance counselor said that she would ask my administrator if it would be possible, considering my situation and all.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lots of Good News

So one of the major stresses of senior year is that you have to apply to colleges. I looked at several colleges, but when it came down to it there was only one that I REALLY wanted to go to. So that was the only place that I applied (some say that was a stupid move, but I wasn't going to waste money on the application fee on somewhere I didn't want to go). It wasn't really hard to apply to this school because I had a fee waiver and one of the topics for the essay portion I had already written as a class assignment.
A few days ago I got a phone call from the representative from the college that works with my region (Apparently she calls ahead of time because she gets really excited when someone is accepted and wants to give the good news before the letter arrives). I had been accepted, with money from merit scholarships. I'm really happy that I don't have to worry about this anymore because my only other option if I didn't get in was to go to the community college in my town, and I really don't like the idea of sticking around here for much longer. 

Another good thing I found out was that someone from the Huffington Post wanted to write a story about the film club at our school. This is really good news because it gets the word out about what we are doing. I went to one of the script readings yesterday and I realized how much fun this movie is going to be. It's fun and quirky and the people in it are really funny. 
I'll post a link to the story when it is released in a few days.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wisdom Teeth

So today was the day that i finally hamy wisdom teeth removed. But it was not what I expected.
We walked in and the secretary kept treating me like I was 7 years old. "I's your big day today. You're going to get your wisdom teeth taken out and then go put them under your pillow for the tooth fairy and get some good money." I just kind of looked at her and said "yeah....because in my senior year of high school i still believe in the tooth fairy."
The when we were talking to the doctor he kept talking realy fast about the entire procedure and how fast this was going to be for me since I would be asleep. He kept going on and on and on and on and on and on and on, until finally I just wanted to tell him that I've been put to sleep for stuff like this before. When he finally left the room my mom and I just looked at each other and sarted laughing. When he was putting my IV in he and to switch arms and try again and kept asking me "are we still friends?" which kind of weirded me out a little bit.
Next thing  knew I woke up and it was over. I didn't really feel dizzy at all and my face was all numb. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't as loopy as I should have been. My mom kept laughing at me because she couldn't understand what I was saying for like 3 hours.
One of the nurses tried to tell my mom that I lice, but I heard her wrong and thought she said that I was dyslexic. I was sitting there trying to figure out how she could tell that just by looking at my teeth :P I'm not dyslexic but I just thought it was funny.
By now about 95% of the numbness is gone and I've been eating nothing but tomato soup and italian ice all day. My family then decided it was a good idea to order chinese food :P. My mom kept saying that I was slurping my noodles when I wasn't, and I was trying to get used to not chewing with the back of my mouth.
I went and toold some of my pain medication and my mom said that I was going to act like I was drunk, but I don't feel any different. Minor disappointment :P