Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Days of Strangeness :P

Today was one of those really weird days that at first seem really stressing but then gets really good.
I have a district competition on Friday at the tech center. There is a boy there, Tyler, who is competing with me. Today he came up to me and said that he couldn't come because he has a senior movie day at his high school that he'd promised to go to. I'm not allowed to compete alone. The only other option was for me to join three boys from a different school, and were competing in a different section. This didn't appeal to me very much.
Then my teacher said that she could ask another girl, who just happens to have the same name as me, who might be able to come in and replace Tyler. She goes to Tyler's school and his girlfriend knows her from chorus. We made Tyler text his girlfriend, then text the girl to see if she could come. The only issue was that she wouldn't be able to come in until late into the competition. I was fine with this, because I was ready to do the work on my own anyway, and we were the only people competing in this section.

Later during the same class the entire dental class came into our room. Last week we had to deal with a lot of paperwork stuff for this video contest we're entering. I kept having to go back to the dental class and eventually the teacher got annoyed and snapped at me a little bit. She felt really bad about it and got me this giant balloon to apologize. It was a giant smiley face with a party hat, and it was awesome!!!! Everyone who saw me with the balloon thought that it was my birthday :P
About an hour later I was trying to get a picture taken with my balloon for an art assignment outside in the senior courtyard. The string came loose on the balloon and it flew away. The string was in my hand and the balloon went over the building. My friend was actually more upset than I was when it happened. "First I lose my boyfriend, and then you lose your balloon. This day is just horrible." Then whenever she saw the picture of me and the balloon she would look so depressed and say how she missed the balloon already.

This afternoon I was taking my behind the wheel lesson. There is another boy in the car with me and we had to take him all the way out of town for a competition. Today's lesson was about turning, so of course I ended up on the longest, straightest road in the county :P. We got him out there on time and then I had to drive all the way back to pick up the next group of kids because we were so late. The boys we had to pick up were at a gas station, and my teacher bought me a soda when we got there.

So this day was really out there, but really fun. Now I just have to get through Friday, where I will be running all over the place and trying to get a competition done at the same time. Then I get to host the awards ceremonies (yes, there are multiple awards ceremonies) and try not to crash and burn on Saturday when I go to a lunch with my future college.

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