Saturday, March 16, 2013


My district competition was yesterday. I one 1st in both of the contests that I'd entered (might be because my group was the only one competing in that category :P). Since I'm the district president, it was my job to present the awards to people. The leadership awards were at 7 and the skills awards were at 7:30. In between there was a guest speaker/judge that I had to introduce.
The beginning went off fine, but when I tried to say that was the end of those awards I forgot the word leadership. I was like "so that's it for the llllll...........," I looked at the person next to me and my mind went blank. The audience eventually figured out what I trying to say and helped me out.
We had ended early but the principal told me to keep going. So I announced the speaker, the applause ended......and the speaker wasn't there XP. I went through the skills awards that I had, but some of the people who were getting awards weren't in the room because we started early. When I went through the awards we sent everyone on a 10 minute break while we waited for the rest of the awards.
When we came back I announced some of them again. I was told to let a woman come up and talk when I reached the fantasy manikin contest. I made it to esthetics and the woman almost came running up to speak. Apparently it was one of the contests that she was giving prizes out to, and I had been misinformed.
I finished up those awards and we had to go on another 10 minute break because some of the contests were still being judged. We came back AGAIN and the guest speaker was finally there. When I finished this round I thought we were finally done, but apparently cosmetics and some computer competition was STILL being judged. I didn't know this so I tried to end it and halfway through my little goodbye speech someone started whispering in my ear and I announced again that some contests weren't done yet. So, you guessed it, ANOTHER 10 minute break.
The last time I came up and started talking I thought that this girl in the front row said "hey, you suck." I turned to her and started getting defensive about having to come up in front of an entire room of people when nothing was done yet. The look on her face was alarmed and kind of scared and she said, "I just said 'hey, what's up?'" I felt really stupid and told her what I had heard her say. The entire front of the audience started laughing and I felt so ridiculous.
So the awards ceremony went one for about an hour longer then it should have. But on the plus side, afterwards I got to go to Sweet Frog to celebrate my win.

When I got home I noticed I had a call from my behind the wheel driver. I had told him that I wouldn't be driving that day because of my competition all week, but somehow he had forgotten. So today when I got into the car I had to explain to him how I did in fact tell him all week, and it was his fault that he was sitting outside my house with no one home.

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