Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Senior Trip and Graduation

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. A lot of stuff has happened since my last post, so here is a short list of what has happened since Districts:

  • Went to States, got 4th in both my competitions
  • Spent the weekend with my aunt, at my other aunt's house. Had an awesome time, ate a LOT of junk food, and it was one of the rare times when a car trip is enjoyable.
  • Went to prom with one of my guy friends from the tech center. Ended up being kind of awkward and I realized that I don't like to dances with dates, just going with my friends is more fun

This is what we looked like (yeah, I know he's super tall)
  • Did a comedy stand-up thing at my senior showcase, and I was actually funny :P
  • Had relatives from my dad's side visit for the weekend, where they basically got drunk and smoked all weekend. It got so bad that they started asking me if I wanted alcohol, so my aunt (from my mom's side) came and got me and we went to Applebee's (got to try their apple chimi thing for the first time, yummy!!)
Now for the most recent stuff:

Last week was my last week of high school. On Wednesday all of the seniors went on the annual senior trip to Hershey Park. It was SUPER fun, especially I don't get to hang out with my friends like that very often (almost never). We traveled there on charter buses (the best way to go) and watched movies the whole time (Footloose!!!!).

Check us out! Hangin' out with a giant piece of chocolate :P

On the way back we watched Wreck it Ralph, to which everyone was super excited. But we got back before we got to finish the movie, right when Ralph destroys Vanellope's car.......worst possible time to end the movie :P

Last Friday was my graduation. About 500 kids in my class. We never cheered harder than the last kid was finally called. Afterwards my parents took me to Applebee's for dinner, where I got another apple chimi thing.

The next day I went to my friend's graduation party, where we realized that Twister is a very messed up game. My friend's butt was in the air, and my face was dangerously close to it. And I couldn't move at all, and couldn't look up without getting nothing but her cheeks in my face (the peanut gallery watching would not stop laughing). At one point I had to put both my right hand and right leg in the air (this is apparently a new version of Twister). I just gave up and tried to push the other girl over :P

I was one of the few people that my friend an actual gift instead of money, because her birthday had also been during that week. I got her Gone With the Wind of DVD, because she is the only other person I know that watches those kind of movies and we always have extremely long conversations on all things Jane Austen, and the like. 

It was just by chance that I was able to get her anything at all because before her party my mother and I were shopping for supplies for my summer job. We were at Old Navy, and next door is a Barnes and Noble store. I grabbed my wallet from my mom and ran next door to the movie section. I remembered my friend telling me that she didn't have GWTW, so I was looking for it. I managed to find it, and it was 50% percent off, so my bank account was also happy (some places were selling this movie for like 40 buck!!).

Now I'm getting ready for my summer job that starts this weekend at a Boy Scout Camp. Should be fun :)