Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Job (Never Camping Ever Again)

So for the past five weeks I've been working at a boy scout camp to earn some money. Not much fun. If you, or someone you love, ever considers doing this over the summer.....don't. Just don't.
The only way you will ever enjoy this is if you've been doing it for years, or the people there you've known for years. This was not the case for me. You want to talk about feeling like an outsider, this is the perfect example. Everyone there had known each other for years, and my job was running the camp store, so I barely saw anyone anyway.
I actually liked working in the store alone. I don't like being around people every second of the day, and having someone in the store with me would just be annoying. It did make inventory days kind of hard though, because I was alone, but that was the only downside.
It was kind of hard being around people so much. Outside of the store, there is no privacy (there wasn't really any privacy in the store either, because people could always come in at any time, but that's as close to privacy as you would get). Even in the tents that we would sleep in, everyone could hear what you were saying (this would make things extremely awkward when your tent make was the person you would bitch with about the rest of the camp (because the rest of the camp can hear you)). The only time I felt like I was completely alone was when I walked like an hour to the dam and just sat there for an hour.
It wasn't until week four or five that things started to build up.
Coworkers, and people from warehouse, were starting to tell me how to do my job. Telling me that I wasn't acting like a staff member, and starting to give me more jobs than I could handle.
Being the store manager, I was technically one of the admin staff, but I was treated as one of the area directors. But I wasn't an area director because I worked in the store. I was in this vague area where I didn't have any control, no one would listen to me, but I was expected to listen to everyone else.
At the times when I didn't feel I could take it anymore, that I wanted to go home, the admin staff would just tell me to pretend I was happy, because I couldn't let the kids see me upset. They would say that my mom was putting ideas in my head (I would call my mom every few days or so).
My mom decided last weekend to come visit me, to hang out in town and just get away from everyone. This weekend just happened to be during their "Christmas in July" celebration, so they weren't very happy that I wasn't to be there, but it was my day off and they couldn't tell me how to spend it. We went into town, got my laundry done, and bought snacks and stuff at Walmart (what had become the typical day off while at the camp). We then went to the movies to see Despicable Me 2, got pedicures (my feet had become really nasty while at camp), and grabbed some dinner to go at Applebee's. When it was time to go back to the camp, I was feeling much better.
When we got back we found out that me tent mate was going to be working in the store with me (Sure, put the person I already spend a lot of time with in the same building with me ALL DAY LONG! Yeah, I won't end up hating her before the day is out).
I managed to keep it together for the next few days.
This past Tuesday I'd decided that I'd had enough; I wanted to go home. I called my mom up just before the store opened and she said she would be there at around noon. She asked me if I wanted to go talk to my boss before she got there or to wait. I told her I would wait for her to arrive before saying anything.
She showed up right as lunch was ending. As my mom went to talk to my boss, I went to the store to get my belongings.
After lunch I was supposed to go open the store (and because of the lovely suggestion from my new partner, I was going to be open the entire afternoon (I would usually get like an hour break)), and my partner didn't know how to operate the cash register. I went in, told her how to do the basic functions, grabbed my belongings from the store, and walked out (you can bet that not even five minutes later, she had managed to break the computer).
As I was walking out my old teacher walked up to me and basically just started yelling about the big s**t hole I left them in, how I'm acting like a child, blah blah blah.
Let's just say if I never see him again, it'll be too soon. Well, it's all over now, I'm back home, and I now have a job at the gas station that my sister works at down the road that I start sometime next week. Fun times :)