Sunday, September 15, 2013

Letting Friends Borrow Books

So there's this girl where I work who's heard of the Skulduggery Pleasant books (actually, when I told her it was my favorite series she said we were sole mates :P). But as is the case with most American fans of this amazing book, she didn't know that there were more than three books. I've been letting her borrow the books to read so she can get caught up. In the meantime I've been waiting for the new book to arrive, along with the small book before it about Tanith Low.
Now my friend has the same unfortunate ability as I do of reading books WAY too fast. Every few days or so she would come up and tell me that she has already finished one of the books. When she finished Mortal Coil I told her that there were only two books left for her to read (I hadn't gotten LSODM yet because the mailing system is really slow), and then she would have to wait even longer after LSODM arrived because I had to read it before she could. The day after I gave her Death Bringer she told me she had only read two pages, to which I laughed because I did not mean for her to read THAT slow (it's a little drastic (I can't even read a book two pages at a time or else I would forget what I'm reading)).
Well two days ago LSODM arrived surprisingly early (thank you mailing system). I messaged my friend and told her the good news, to which she texted back in all caps how excited she was. Well, apparently she got too excited because the next day she messaged me saying how she had finished her current book the night before in all her excitement. To this I literally laughed out loud, told her so and stated that she was screwed because I don't work until Wednesday. She now has to wait three agonizing days to get KOTW, in which time I will have finished the new book (I have been reading like 100+ pages a day).
My mom, knowing how obsessed I am with this series, is now wondering why I've wandered out of my "cave" when I haven't finished the book yet. I have to sometimes force myself to take little brakes because reading for a really long time tends to give me a small headache, even if I really want to keep reading. Oh well, now I'm going back to my own little world, bye bye.