Wednesday, December 18, 2013

People at Work

So I know that it's been FOREVER since the last time I posted on here (my apologies). But to be fair, not much has happened until recently.

What has been new is that as of last week I am now 19 years old. Another year older, another year I realize that I really didn't do a lot in the past year :/ (Still living at home, still saving up for a car, still working at the same job). My coworkers found out and bought me a cake, but it was one of those store bought cakes with the frosting I think tastes gross, but I didn't have to heart to tell them (especially since one of my coworkers got yelled at by at random lady when she went to pick up the cake). My family enjoyed the cake though, and I had gotten some yummy brownie cake the night before at Red Lobster (I had gone to the bathroom and when I came back a bunch of waiters were around our table to sing me happy birthday)

Recently my mother and I have realized that most of the people I work with are just a bunch of gossipers trying to start drama with stuff that has nothing to do with them. I've realized that my boss does not exactly like me as much as my co-workers, which doesn't really bother me because I am one of the younger employees, and she's the type of person that would get along more with my older sister anyway ( my sister and I have very different tastes in who we socialize with, and frankly I wasn't hired to make friends).

One of my managers (who for the sake of privacy is going to be called "Mary") realized that my mother does not like her and dragged me into the middle of a three day indirect battle between them. "Mary" is almost never happy and kind of acts like a character from Mean Girls. My mom gets worked up every time something happens at work with her and at this point I don't even care ( I don't care if they get along, as long as the work gets done and nobody dies then its gonna be ok).
One of my coworkers (let's call him "John") decided to be entirely and openly rude to me in front of a line of customers last week. I just stared him down and told him that he was being rude. His reply was "you'll get over it." I went into the back room to wait for my ride and "John" came in a few minutes to tell me that he was just joking (I never think this is ok, this is not an apology but a very poor excuse for unacceptable behavior). I told him that I didn't care if he was joking or not, it was not ok and was inappropriate. He then stated that he wasn't going to apologize, which means there was no point in bringing it up at all. He later went on to say that he was sorry if I though he was being rude, even though he wasn't (this is not an apology, this is trying to turn it onto me and make the situation my fault). He then came back in a second time a few minutes later saying "you know, I'm a jackass. I know I'm a jackass. I'm probably the biggest one you'll ever meet; you know, unless you think you're the biggest jackass you'll ever meet." (This, as well, is not an apology, but using a stereotypical personality to make it ok to use that kind of behavior. I don't care what you think of yourself as (jock, prep, bully, nerd, etc.), there is still a level of expectation in place for how you should treat another human being, with some level of respect and basic human decency. It wasn't until an hour later that "John" finally came back for the fourth time and apologized for his inappropriate behavior.
A few days later I was at the register with "Mary" and "John." I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying to each other until "John" turns to me and says, "hey, isn't 'Mary' just so cold and insincere? Just so unfeeling and cold." At this point I turned on him and said "it's really kind of hypocritical for YOU to be saying that considering that you aren't exactly the most sincere guy either." He went on to say that he had no idea what I was talking about and "Mary" turned to me and said "THANK YOU. See, I'm not the only one to tell him this." 

Today at work they were having a christmas party for all the branches in the area at this skating rink. "Mary" came up to me today and offered to give me a ride to the party (which on one hand is really nice, but on the other hand hand I'm just like "I don't like you though" :P). But I accepted and got to meet her three young, and really loud kids. 
This skating rink I had only been to once before when I was younger and it was part gymnasium, part skating rink. Being older now and seeing it I must admit it was disappointing. Places like these are starting to disappear and the ones still around are falling apart and kind of run down. Most of the gymnasium stuff was gone, the roller blades were falling apart, and the walls and floors were bare.
I only knew a few people at the party, but no one that I really liked or cared for. I realized that I'm not really a party person. I like small gatherings with some well known friends, and being around a lot of people that I don't know in a social gathering makes me nervous and lonely.
Considering that all that I had as good of a time as expected, not really something I would really want to do again unless someone I really knew was there. And I also remembered why I only go roller skating once every few years, because my feet really hurt afterwards and I end up with sea legs when I take the skates off :P.

Now to end on a high note, here is an art piece I started working on based on a doodle I found in one of my old sketchbooks:

This is the old sketch:

And here is the remade version I did on my computer:

I'm thinking that I'm going to eventually finish the scales and stuff, but right now I'm happy how it's turning out.