Monday, February 3, 2014

Working With Others

So I have found that there is a fine line between being self confident and being arrogant. I like to think that I am at least a decent human being. I try not to be intentionally cruel, and if I see someone being rude I will call someone out on it. I have done this in the past with several coworkers, whether or not they adjust their behavior is up to them.
There is "John" (who I have mentioned before in a previous post) who is the most self absorbed of them all. Today I walked into the office after clocking out to find John, "Mary" (also mentioned in a previous post), and two other of my female coworkers having a conversation about John's social life. From what I could gather the story was that John was "seeing someone" while at the same time giving his number out and contacting other women. All of my coworkers told him that the girl he was seeing would not take this well and that she would never trust him again. The entire while John's reply is "but she's not my girlfriend. I'm not going out with her."
I would have let this pass (his love life is none of my business, and I would prefer to keep it that way), until his next comment caught my attention.
"I have never wronged anyone in my life."
This particular comment struck a nerve with me. No human being is capable of going their whole existence and never wronging a single person. It is impossible. And especially since he has wronged me in the past (see previous post for details).
So I called him out on it; "That's kind of arrogant, don't you think? To think that you have never done anyone wrong."
He then proceeds to get in my face and repeat his statement, continuing with "and if I have, then I have made it up to them, so there."
He then later goes on to say "I am the best person I know. I have never cheated on a test."
......Considering in the last post he had admitted to being an ass hole, and that he's the biggest jerk I will ever know, I find it kind of ridiculous that he is the BEST person that he knows (his expectations must be extremely low if he is the best person he knows). And his evidence following that statement is illogical, so he's an idiot to boot.
I like to think that I am a decent person, but there is no way in hell that I would ever think that I am the best person I know. For anyone to have that kind of mindset does not deserve to advance in life. It is a completely selfish and self absorbed mind set that I hope I never adopt.